Sunday, 19 August 2007

Coeur update

As you can see, I've gotten a little bit more done on Coeur d'Ete. I'd hoped to finish it this weekend but it was busy at work and I actually had to work! Weekends are unpredictable in the lab. It was a nice enough weekend weatherwise so I figured that not too many people would pay a visit to the hospital. Boy was I wrong on that count! Emergency was packed both days which generates a lot of bloodwork for us. Oh well, that's what they pay me for!

Since this piece is wrapping up, I've been checking out my stash and trying to decide what to do next. I found which chart the Weeks threads I'd ordered belong with. It's Blackbird Designs Country Garden. I'd like to do either this or one of the LHN charts I just received but I seem to have a lack of fabric. I've got lots of the hand dyed in my stash but it seems I've run out of plain fabric in the neutral shades. I'd love to do the Country Garden on linen but I really have a hard time with linens. I tend to pull too tightly which of course shows much more on linen so I stick with the evenweaves. A visit to my LNS isn't likely to occur until Saturday since I have to drive into Ottawa. Which means I may have to resort to stitching on Easter Fairy. For some reason I've grown tired of this one but maybe it's time to get back to it.

Something I really have to do in the near future is to learn some finishing techniques. I look at all the lovely finishes on my fellow stitcher's blogs and I feel so inadequate. I'm afraid I'll screw things up during the finishing. I have printed out some tutorials from Vonna and Dani's blogs. Now I just have to get up the nerve to try some!

The summer seems to be going by sooo fast! I can't believe that Labour Day is almost here. At that point my DH goes back to rehearsing with all his choirs and we won't have much time for boating anymore so we've been trying to squeeze in whatever chance we get. Last weekend was a washout because of high winds and whitecaps. Today however was beautiful! I drove to Morrisburg on my way home from work and met Bob at the dock there. We put the boat in and took a lovely little cruise down the St. Lawrence. We've haven't had much rain here this summer and the water levels were way down. I didn't have any problems getting into the boat but I sure needed a hand getting out! My legs are just too short to make the jump up from the boat to the dock. Fortunately there was a ladder at different intervals on the dock just for this purpose. The only thing I don't like about getting into and out of the boat is that there is always an audience at this dock. The dock is situated at a waterfront park which is always packed with people sunning , picnicing, etc. I'm not too coordinated and I have been known to give them a show in the past!!

Here's a pic from our little sojourn on the water. I don't know who the sailboat belongs to but it sure was lovely.


  1. Sorry you had to work this weekend, Lynn, and we didn't get a chance to meet :-( Hopefully next year!

    Meanwhile give those finishes a chance. There is also a blog called Focus on Finishing with a lot of great tutorials:
    You might want to try some of these too.

    Love your new stash (I have made some similar recent purchases ;0)

  2. Your WIP is super!!! I love the colors :)

    I worked this weekend too...we weren't that busy tho'...THANK HEAVENS!! But I'll be eating my words because fall is coming and since I work primarily in know what that means ;)

  3. Such a beautiful project!! I vote for BB Country Garden. That is such a fun stitch IMO

  4. Lovely stitching! Looking forward to seeing what you choose to stitch on next.
    Lucky you not having much rain. Its the opposite here, i guess that's why my DH wants to move back to Canada so much!
    I was the same about finishing until recently, it's scary after spending so long stitching a piece! The blog Wendy has given you is a good one though

  5. What a lovely piece Coeur d'Ete is.
    Your boat trip sounds wonderful.And your photo is very pretty.You mentioned the Choirs and that reminded me my two choirs will be starting up again soon....Oh.. summer is nearly over.

  6. your Coeur is going to be beautiful when its all done!

    Thanks for tooting my horn when it comes to finishing. As I've said in the past I'm happy to show you how... we just have to sort out the date!

  7. What a lovely picture! Makes you want to go for a sail. I know what you mean about finishing. Going to try to get some done the long weekend

  8. You take such beautiful pictures !! Congruatlations on your almost finished project.

  9. I love the picture, it evokes feelings of peace and tranquility.