Monday, 29 June 2020

June WIPocalypse

The month of June has seen my stitching time increase somewhat. As much as I would have loved to see a finish on A Yuletide Welcome it just hasn't happened. If you remember from last month's post, I was pretty much finished with the exception of the bottom grass with the lettering and background fill in. At this point I have everything complete except for all that white fill. I started out stitching it from one side of the piece to the other but I keep on having to move the Q snap when I do it that way. So instead I decided to fill in one small section at a time and it feels like I'm progressing more.

I'll continue to plod along on this as the urge strikes me. As long as it's complete before the year's end, that's all I care about. I think the larger Q snap (11x11) is what is slowing me down.

Heartstring Samplery's Victoria's Garden was the next piece to get some attention.
Last month's start

This month's progress

I'm really enjoying this particular design but then again I've always been a huge fan of any Heartstring Samplery pattern. I'm hoping to get back to this very shortly.

As for my Blackbird Design, Her Fair Works, very little was done. I finished up the bottom lower left flower basket and started to add the little bird to the right of it. 
Last month

June's progress

Then my interest waned and I switched to a small design for Canada Day which can be seen on my previous post. 

The plan for July is to continue working on the above three until at least one is finished before I start something new. Our weather here the past couple of weeks has been extremely hot and humid which I find just doesn't give me the energy to do much of anything, lol!

As Covid restrictions start to ease up some here we are also starting to see some of our family and a few friends. I've missed everyone and I'd much rather be doing that this month. I hope everyone continues to be well during this difficult time. 


  1. Lynn, you have made good progress on the 3 WIPs you shared during the month of June. Well done!

  2. Wonderful progress on your WIPs.

  3. They are all very pretty projects.
    Yuletide is so beautiful!