Sunday, 30 December 2018

December WIPocalypse and final post of 2018

So we have come to the final posting for WIPocalypse 2018. I can't believe the year is over! I also can't believe that I haven't got my Pomegranate Santa completed yet! I spent so much time on small finishes this month that there was very little time left for any larger projects. I'm only just now starting to pick it up again and work at it. Here's my progress as of tonight.

As you can see, all that remains is the snow to be stitched at the bottom of the piece where the deer are. I've only got one row in and several more to go. With a busy weekend ahead of me I'm not sure this piece will be completed by year's end. I really had hoped it would be but at least there's not all that much remaining and what's left shouldn't take too much longer. 

My granddaughters received their ornaments (Full Circle Designs) I sent them and have sent me a video as well as the pic to let me know how much they liked them. They are also wearing the sweatshirts that I gifted them with so I was glad to see that they fit!

I received a surprise piece of stitching for Christmas from my hubby. When we were vacationing in Muskoka this summer, we stopped to visit a friend at his antique shop in Port Carling. I spotted several pieces of petit point that I fell in love with. Unknown to me, while I was in the basement of the shop checking out the books, my hubby purchased one, had it wrapped and hid it in the car before I could see! I was thrilled when I opened it Christmas morning!

The frame is similar to a shadow box and is quite old. The back is starting to come off of it so I will take it in to my framer and see if they can reinforce it for me. They have done that in the past with antique frames I've used for my stitching.

I also stopped at my framer the week before Christmas to pick up this beauty.

I'm so happy to finally have this one framed! This is And Heaven and Nature Sing designed by Kathy Barrick. As you can see it's been hanging around for a bit in my finished stitches drawer. This was a gift from me to me and well worth it. A pleasant surprise came when the framer called shortly before I dropped it off and told me that they were giving me a discount on the frame. They said it was priced too high and they didn't feel right with the quote they had given me. Merry Christmas indeed!!

That finishes up my stitching for this month. Now I'll have to start looking at what I want to work on in the coming year. I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and wishes for good health and many blessings! I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from my visit this past week to Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. Follow the link and you can learn all about it.


  1. Cute finishes, and a great framed piece, just beautiful.
    How sweet of your hubby to buy & hide that petit point gift!
    Alight at Night looks gorgeous.
    Wishing you a Happy, healthy New year!!

  2. Your And Heaven and Nature Sing was the first thing I saw in your header. Your frame is beautiful, hoping mine will be finished just as wonderfully for display next year.
    The ornaments you sent are lovely and your GDs look so pleased with them. They are getting so grown-up now.
    What husbands have to do to be sneaky! The stitched piece is a wonderful Christmas present for you.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  3. Lynn: Your Granddaughters are adorable, they sweatshirts are nice and a beautiful color, I can see by their faces they love the ornaments and shirts.
    Your Heaven and Nature Sing is beautiful,
    Pomegranate Santa is adorable.
    Loving the photo of you and Santa on your sidebar.

    Happy New Year

  4. Some really lovely finishes there - and you already have one almost done for your first 2019 finish woohoo :)

  5. Such a sweet almost finish.
    Cute picture of you granddaughters with their ornaments, all adorable.
    What a lovely petit point, I'm always sad to see them in antique shops and so nice that your DH rescued it for you.
    Oh wow, your And Heaven and Earth Sing is absolutely beautiful!