Friday, 30 November 2018

November Smalls

November has been a very good month for me in terms of stitching. In addition to the larger WIPs on my previous post that I worked on, I managed to complete two small projects. Both are ornaments and with December's arrival tomorrow, the push is on to get the rest of my gift ornaments finished. 

The first is a sweet design by Blackbird Designs called Peace which was published in the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments edition. I have been trying to get this one fit in for several years now. I've loved it ever since I first saw it!

My second finish was as of this morning! I always stitch a Christmas ornament for each of my granddaughters. The past couple of years I've done a Prairie Schooler ornie for them. This year I was browsing through my collection of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazines and spotted a sweet little one by Full Circle Designs which I knew I had stitched but never finished. Sure enough I found it in my drawer of stitched projects. When I looked it up I discovered that I had stitched it in 2012! That's a long time to sit without the final finishing.
 I knew that there was a companion ornament in one of the other issues. I browsed through them all until I found it. It stitched up very quickly and is sooo sweet!

Here is Tweet Gift by Full Circle Designs.

I've also included a pic of the original ornament, also by Full Circle Designs, called A Christmas Song.

Finishing on all of these will come at a later date. I want to get all the stitching done first and then I'll finish them all off sort of like an assembly line.

To get me into the Christmas mood I dropped by favourite shop during the holidays. Tinseltown is just down the street from where my hubby works. The young man who owns the shop is the same age as my youngest son and has been obsessed with Christmas since he was a boy. According to his mother he used to sleep with a Christmas tree in his bedroom year round!

I wish I had taken some shots of the inside of the shop. Next time I drop by I'll ask them if they mind. They have just about everything Christmas that you could think of including all the vintage things like the bubble lights, vintage tinsel and lots of vintage ornaments. They also carry lots of ribbon candy. 
I add one new glass ornament to the tree every year. This year they had a sweet little bee. It reminds me of my time spent this summer at the home of my beekeeper friend Cathy.

I hope to be back next month with at least a couple more ornament finishes. See you then!


  1. Great ornament finishes.
    Those birds are too cute.
    Tinseltown looks amazing.
    Ribbon Candy was always my favorite Christmas candy. :)
    And that bee ornament is so sweet.
    Have fun with finishing!

  2. Lovely stitches, Lynn! What a darling bee ornament you purchased from Tinseltown! I bet it is a wonderful shop. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Lovely stitching, I love robins and this time of year there are so many lovely designs. Your bee is beautiful

  4. All sweet stitching! They should love them.
    That looks like a fun shop, I'm glad you found something special.

  5. Wonderful stitching. Are they the called for thread colours on the Blackbird Design Peace ornament? I remember stitching the Full Circle Design ones, they're so sweet. Wish we had a shop like that, Christmas all year!

  6. Gorgeous pieces including Bee. I can't imagine what Tinseltown must look like...amazing.