Tuesday, 29 May 2018

May WIPocalypse

May has involved a fair amount of stitching for me but only during the first week of the month and the latter 10 days or so. The rest of the month I've been dealing with vertigo which sidelines me from time to time. 
Last month's question, What is your longest running WIP?, involved my digging into my journal of starts. I knew which piece had been hiding out in the closet but I wasn't sure just when I had started it originally. As it turned out it was A Mon Ami Pierre Paradis Perdu which I started stitching in January of 2012. Now 2012 was the first full year following my retirement and when I look back at my journal I see that I kind of went overboard on stitching that year. Paradis Perdu was indeed lost in all the shuffle and brought out roughly once per year thereafter for some token stitching. However nothing has been added to it since early 2015. 

Once more I dug it out and gave it some love. Will it get finished this year? One only knows!
These are the before pics.

I've concentrated on the alphabet mostly this month and the apple tree. Here's my  progress so far.

I also picked up Awake My Soul and it's very close to completion. All that remains is the border.

May is a month of birthdays here..... my daughter-in-law, me and my son. This past Sunday we joined Chris and Violet in a joint celebration of our birthdays as well as a delayed Mother's Day celebration. Chris and V have just returned from their honeymoon so after a great dinner at Pub Italia in Ottawa we went back to their place to view all the photos from their trip. 

Earlier in the month I paid a visit to the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. I try to make it to this event at least every couple of years. Most of the tulips can be seen at Dow's Lake which is a great location for them.

Tulips are a favourite of mine and I enjoy seeing all the new varieties.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Harrisburg, PA for the 2018 Prim Stitchers Society Retreat. I'm so excited and can hardly wait to see all my friends. Next month I should have lots of pics from the event. Until then, have a great month. Summer has arrived!


  1. Love your projects and photos!

  2. Lynn: I hope you have loads of fun at Retreat.
    Totally love the designs you are working on, they are lovely, I know what you mean about retirement, I had a similar thing happen to me after retiring, I started a design and left it for a while, I am looking forward to seeing them finished.
    Wonderful photo of you all together at dinner, what fun.
    I am so sorry you are having vertigo, I suffered with it for a year after my accident in 1997.


  3. I hope you are feeling better Lynn. What gorgeous flowers, those colours are stunning. May (and June) is a busy time for birthdays in our family and with friends, always nice to celebrate 🎂

  4. Lovely stitching, and those flowers! Enjoyed seeing them all!

  5. 2012 is not too bad for oldest WIP! And it's beautiful.
    Oh my goodness those tulips!! Happy belated birthday and have a great time at the Prim Stitchers' Retreat!

  6. Your stitching looks wonderful. I hope you can manage to put a thread or two into them at some point. Those tulips look great, some of them you wouldn't even know they were tulips. Lovely photo of you all celebrating.