Monday, 26 March 2018

March WIPocalypse

Spring is getting close! I know it's officially arrived but the temperature doesn't always reflect that. However the warm sunshine of the past couple of days certainly reinforces that winter is leaving us for good very soon. Consequently I have tired of working on winter and Christmas stitching and switched gears to start on something with a little more colour and spring/summer feel to it.

I know that I said I would stick to starts in my stash but when I saw this new design from the Nashville Needlework Market I just couldn't resist. It screamed spring to me along with the feelings we have as soon as spring makes an appearance. La D Da Awake My Soul was pulled out, kitted up and first stitches begun this past week. The fabric is a mystery evenweave fabric. I suspect that it's a Zweigart by the feel and may very well be Pink Sandy Beaches. It's a 28 ct which I have not stitched on for some time, 32 and 36 cts being my go to fabrics. However the colour suited this piece and my eyes could use a break once in awhile. I love the colours in this piece and I'm really enjoying this one even if I haven't got very far yet.

As I said, I tired of the winter stitches so I didn't get too much further on my Plum Street Samplers Pomegranate Santa. Santa still hasn't made an appearance yet and I guess we'll have to wait until next Christmas for that, lol!

I managed to add the large snowflake which doesn't show up too well in my photo, plus I worked on the leaves on the left.

Until my recent new start I continued and finished a design which I started towards the end of 2017. Threadwork Primitives Quaker Friends was a delight to stitch. 

I've added my mother's and my initials to this piece. I'm hoping to finish it either on a tray or a hornbook. I'm just looking for the right one. You'd never know that I ran out of my floss halfway through stitching and had to replace it with another one. A friend offered a skein from her stash but it turned out to be a different dye lot and wasn't working. I ended up pulling a floss from my own stash from a completely different company that looked identical.

That's about if for this month. I'm hoping to continue my new start and perhaps dig out a few other new ones or search my list for a current WIP to finish off. I hope that spring is coming your way and it won't be long before we're outside stitching!


  1. Lynn, I love your Quaker finish. Simply gorgeous! You are off to a good start on the La D Da piece. Your blog background looks fresh and spring like as does your header. Enjoy your week!

  2. Nice start, and a very pretty finish.
    Yes, maybe if we stitch Spring-like designs, it will actually come!
    Still have 1 small pile of snow to melt yet here.
    Saw some farm fields actually turning a little green.
    Love the Tulip header!

  3. Lynn: Awake My Soul is a beautiful design, I look forward to seeing your progress.
    Even if Santa has not appeared Plum Street Samplers is beautiful, I am loving the colors.
    Quaker friends is beautiful I bet you are happy it is stitched up.
    I have had to exchange colors myself, I keep all the threads that come with kits and have had great success with matching threads left over from other projects I have worked on.
    We will be in the 50s tomorrow then down to the 40s for a week, that is much better then minus ten degrees.


  4. Love your WIPS and finishes. Looking forward to seeing the Pomegranate Santa later in the year.
    Happy Easter.

  5. Gosh, all your projects are awesome but you gotta stop posting pictures of Pomegranate Santa or I’m not gonna be able to resist buying it...