Saturday, 24 February 2018

February Smalls

February is coming to a close and hopefully winter won't be far behind! I've had enough of the ups and downs in temps this year which have played havoc with my sinuses. Spring can't come soon enough!
 I had hoped to stitch some Valentine pieces this month but after looking at my collection I decided that I had plenty and what I could really use was some small winter finishes. I managed to accomplish just the one but it's a cute one!
This is Merry Winter by Country Rustic Primitives.

I chose the year 1981 since that was the year of my first born's birth and it occurred in January. That was a Merry Winter indeed!

The second small I completed was a carry over from 2017. I had originally started to stitch it as a small pillow for a friend but found another design I liked better. This little stitch then fell to the side, half finished. I decided to pick it up and finish it off since it was a quick little piece. I have found a small storage box which I think will be just perfect for displaying this on. Until I get it completed I've laid the finished piece on top of the box so you get the idea. It will be a perfect fit when it's finished. This is Blackbird Designs Summer Stars, taken from their book, A Stitcher's Journey.

While visiting a friend last Sunday she pointed out the piece I had stitched for her several years ago. I knew that she had gotten it framed but I had never seen it since. It made me so happy to see it gracing her wall.
This is My Big Toe Designs Cast All Your Cares.

Today I will be sorting through my stash in search of a few new smalls to get started on in March. I always find something I'd forgotten that I had when I do this. I think I have too much stash, lol!


  1. What super smalls you shared, Lynn! I really like the Merry Winter one. Where did you find your blue box?

  2. Great finishes! The box looks perfect for your cross stitch.

  3. Cute Snowman, and the box is a great idea, love the color.
    It's always nice to see your stitching in someone's house.
    It shows they appreciate your stitching, and you!
    Have fun stash diving!:)

  4. I like that little snowman. That piece is going to look great on that box. I love that idea. I have so many magazines saved in order to start projects and yet I go an buy some more projects that I don't need. I never used to have stash, but now I do. Enjoy your search for something new to stitch.

  5. I really like the snowman, it is a new design to me. x

  6. Lovely finishes - we have more snow coming apparently 😮

  7. My favorite is the Summer Stars! What a lovely box that makes! Wonderful stitching!

  8. Lynn: I think we all have way too much stash, its one of my addictions, a good addiction.
    We have had about 12 inch's of snow this last week, I am so ready for spring.
    The design you stitched for your friend is beautiful.
    The Blackbird Design booklet you are using is one of my favorites.


  9. I love the way you have personalised Merry Winter, it looks great! I always have so much fun going through my stash and finding a new project, there's always something I forgot I had.

  10. I love the winter snowman and the Blackbird Designs piece will look perfect in that box!

  11. Merry Winter looks great, what a special stitch!
    That's a perfect box for your finish, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
    What a beautiful piece you made for your friend, it's lovely.