Sunday, 26 November 2017

November Smalls

November's smalls look more like December since I have been concentrating on some Christmas stitching. So far the stitching is complete but the ornament finishing is yet to be completed. 
These are name trees, designed by Helga Mandl. I ordered them from her 3 years ago and tried to contact her again to order more but I have not had any response. Does anyone know if she has retired from designing?

These trees are fabulous because when turned on their side the branches of the tree spell out a name. 

In case you haven't figure them out they're Violet, Chris and Robert! I also have some Mill Hill treasure stars to add to the top of these. A Christmas tree has to have a star, right?

I have a few other charts of name trees to stitch in the future. Some are Helga's designs and some are from M Designs which I ordered years ago. I'll have some pictures of the finished ornaments on next month's Smalls post. See you then!


Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous name trees you stitched! I love the color you used for Robert's. Well done!

rosek1870 said...

Please let us know if you ring out how to order them. I have 2, one for each of my daughters but they are not getting married so I would live to get 2 for the boys. Yours are beautiful!

Kay said...

I haven't seen designs like the before, they are wonderful. x

Marilyn said...

Great idea for gifts.
They are all so pretty.

Bekca said...

These all look wonderful! I really enjoy festive stitching :)

deb said...

Your tree name ornies are beautiful!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful name-trees! I look forward to seeing the finishes!