Friday, 31 July 2015

July Blue Moon WIPocalypse!

It's that time again! Tonight the full moon will shine down upon us meaning it's time for a WIPocalypse post. Sorry but this is not the blue moon. Too cloudy around here to get any pics.

As you can see from my previous post, we've had a rather busy month around here. I did manage two small finishes which can be seen on that last post. In addition I pulled out an old WIP and added more stitches to it. This piece was started in Sept. 2013 and I keep stalling on this one. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I'm using a larger Q-snap (11x11) which makes things awkward and I'm stitching with one strand on 36 ct. 
Anyways, I was determined to get more done on this. It's called This Is The Day and is designed by Tracy Riffle of Hands To Work Designs.

The first pic is the point at where I had left off last year followed by where I am today.

 The first pic is also a truer indication of the colour of the fabric. I just couldn't get the right lighting on today's photo. It's coming along but there is still a huge amount of border to be done both around the alphabets and on the outside. I also have to fill in the background on the numbers and the alphabet. 

I started a new piece a couple of days ago and just discovered a major mistake so it looks like I'll be frogging out everything I've stitched up until this point. It's by Heartstring Samplery and is called Stitcher's Resolution.

What I've done is to start the piece with the majority going lengthwise rather than crosswise. I don't know what I was thinking! I knew that the design was wider rather than longer. I just measured and I can continue but with only a one inch margin for framing which just isn't enough. So tonight I will start the frogging process and restart tomorrow. I'm wondering though if I should restart on a fresh piece of fabric rather than this one? I'm hoping there won't be any marking that prevents me from re-using this piece.

 Clarisse joined me outside in the gazebo this morning as I stitched. We bought an outside pen for her too which we place in the shade. That way she can join us on the patio without running off. So far though she's not too thrilled with it. She still wants to be outside of the pen. Using a leash is not an option because she always manages to either wriggle out of her collar or tangle herself up.   

We've spotted this little fellow in the yard recently but Clarisse seems to miss him every time. She's either sleeping or she can't be bothered to come look outside the screen.

Next post I hope to have some pictures of my stitching taken by the lake in Muskoka. It's our favourite vacation spot and we haven't paid a visit there for two years now so I'm excited to be going back.
Until then, keep cool!!


  1. On my WIPocalypse tour, glad to visit you. Lovely stitching on This is the day. xxx

  2. Great progress.
    Sorry you have to frog the 2nd piece.
    As always, Clarisse is just so pretty, cute bunny also!
    Can't wait to see pics from Muskoka.

  3. Lovely progress. Sorry you have to frog your one piece. :/

    Your Clarisse is a beauty.

  4. Sweet sampler, love the colours. The frogging sucks though. Looking forward to your progress ")

  5. Very nice work!!!! Good to see others work!!!!!

  6. Lovely pieces, sorry about the frogging but at least you caught it before the piece was half done!

  7. Cross-stitch frogging is the worst. I hope you can reuse the fabric. This is the Day is very pretty. I hope you keep working on it, but I understand your difficulties.

  8. Great work. Looks like you have a wonderful place to stitch. My dog does not bother with the rabbits that come to our yard either.

  9. Great work, lovely stitching!

  10. Lovely work - it's beautiful.

  11. Lovely things you have been working on, shame about the frog visit.

  12. We saw the blue moon in all its glory over Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho! Love your projects but am sorry you have to frog. That is such a pain.

  13. Great stitching! Hugs for Clarisse :)

  14. Lovely pieces you are stitching on. And great progress on This is the Day. Sorry for having to frog.
    I hope you are having a great vacation on Lake Muskoka.