Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Smalls

Summer is here and already June is nearing its end. I can't believe how quickly time passes!
July 1 is Canada Day and I'm sadly lacking in small finishes to celebrate this occasion. So with that in mind I stitched a new small and completed the final finishing on two previously stitched pieces. My new piece is a freebie that was offered by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives on the Prim Stitchers Society Facebook group. 

The remaining smalls were all stitched in the last year with the exception of one which was done back in 2012. I finally dug them out of my finished pile and set to work to complete the final finishing. Here are the results:

 Where Liberty Dwells by e-SubRosa

Threadwork Primitives My Work

 Lizzie Kate Land That I Love

Not Forgotten Farms June freebie
Primitive Acorns Flower Pinkeep

These have kept me busy enough this month but I'm happy to see that my pile of finishes is dwindling. 

We've had some lovely repeat visitors to our yard this June. The Cedar Waxwings have returned and have kept us entertained daily as they clean the berries from the neighbour's tree.


Unfortunately, one of these beautiful birds tried to fly through our front picture window and didn't make it. I looked out the window when I heard the thud and sadly saw the mate sitting beside the body, keening. It was so sad to see. It was quite some time before he/she left.

It's a lovely summer day here and I'm off for a boat ride shortly. I hope that you enjoy your day wherever you may be!


  1. Great work on all that finishing Lynn. We have many Cedar Waxwings eating up berries too.:) Enjoy your boat ride!

  2. Great finishes and lovely bird photos too :-)

  3. WOW! Love all the stitching - and the bird photos - so beautiful! Are you a professional photographer?

  4. Gorgeous finishes - you have been busy!

  5. Love all your projects, wonderful finishes.
    I am a bird lover, I have twelve feeders for the little darlings.


  6. All great finishes!
    Love that leaf fabric.
    Cedar Waxwings are so beautiful, but sad about the one's mate. :(

  7. Love those fun Canadian finishes!

    And your cedar waxwings are such lovely birds. Do they stay with you all year round?

  8. Lovely work!
    My mom puts small stained glass sun catchers on her picture windows. Keeps the birds from hitting it.

  9. wow!!! so beautiful!! I l♥ve Canada!!!

  10. Enjoy your boat ride. Poor little bird :-(
    Lovely selection of finishes you have made up.

  11. Fantastic! Now you are ready for Canada Day!!
    Your finishes are all so pretty, well done :)

  12. Wonderful work! And what a perfect finishing.

  13. Well done on the finishing spree! I love your Maple Leaf fabric too.

  14. Your new Canada piece is gorgeous, that fabric is the best you could add to it, I think. Great to see all these Canada pieces finished to celebrate Canada Day today.