Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February's Smalls SAL

Good morning! It's another cooooold morning in my little corner of the world and snow is lightly falling. I'm supposed to join my local craft group for some stitching this afternoon. I need to get out but I'm so tempted to just sit and stitch by the fire with a cup of pumpkin tea beside me. I think perhaps this is my favourite tea!
However I do have to get in this month's Smalls SAL post first.

I have two small finishes this month. One is a Valentine finish by Stacy Nash designs and the other is for a dear friend and is designed by Annie Beez Folk Art.

The one for my friend will be made into a pillow but I'm thinking that the first design will be made into a finish resembling an envelope. It will take me a bit of time to work at this though since I'm really not into sewing and I tend to procrastinate. My friend Nan suggested this finish though and I think it was a brilliant idea for it!

Yesterday I received two of my finishes which I'd taken in for stretching. I know I could learn to do this by myself but it's very tedious and I don't think I have the patience for it. My framer John has offered to stretch the pieces for our Tuesday night stitching group and that way the cost of framing is broken up somewhat. Now I can at least display these on an easel until I have the funds saved for the final framing. Anyone who follows my blog regularly will have seen these before.... Heartstring Samplery The Strawberry Bower Sampler and Plum Street Samplers Promised Lamb.

 I had an order of fabric arrive this week from a new shop which I think I will be dealing with quite often in the future. I stumbled across it by accident while searching for a particular colour of linen and although it is in the UK, the currency exchange works out better for me than ordering from the US. As many of you may know, the Canadian dollar's value is very low at this time and between that and the cost of shipping from the US it's killing me to order anything. The exchange rate between the British currency and the Canadian dollar worked more to my advantage plus the shipping costs were a flat rate & cheaper and the package arrived a week earlier than if I'd ordered from the states.  I'm not sure why that is but it's not the first time I've noticed this.

 Each one of these Lakeside linen fabrics has an upcoming project kitted up and ready to begin. I just have to finish working on my current stitches first.

I found another treat waiting for me at the post office today. 

My dear friend Jodi had this made specially for me! You may recall that Jodi is one of the ladies I met at the From Our Hands show in Ohio this past November. Jodi and I had never met before and we shared a room during this trip. What a great time we had and I'm very fortunate to have met her. Thank you so much Jodi! I love this and it's already in use.

One last pic for you. I had heard there were a few more snowy owl sightings in our area recently so I took a drive on Saturday afternoon and to my great pleasure I found one!

 The snow really started to come down as I was searching and I almost missed him. He just blended into the landscape.
Stay warm and above all stay safe during this nasty, frigid winter. A local man lost his life out here yesterday in a head on crash on icy roads. So sad....


  1. che bei lavori e favoloso il lino

  2. I'm also based in Canada and I'm always looking for shops. What is the name of the UK shop your ordered from?

  3. Oh my! What glorious stitching and what a fabulous gift.

  4. Your two new finishes are very sweet and the other pieces look great on the easels. It's a nice way to keep them out until you are ready to frame them.

    But you must spill the beans on the name of the UK shop! I'm always open for a new shopping experience especially if they are reliable.

  5. Oh another snowy owl! Love it! You're finishes are lovely. And I love that Canada bag!

  6. Love your March basket of smalls on your header.
    The stretched pieces look good on an easel.
    And what a perfect project bag for you!
    The Snowy Owl is gorgeous.

  7. Your smalls are lovely....and yes...the envelope would be perfect as a finish for the "To my Sweet" piece!
    Owl!! Love him! He's gorgeous :)

  8. A post full of lovely things.
    I hope you decided to go and meet your friends for some fun and good time.

  9. Your new finishes are lovely, and an envelope finish sounds perfect! Those linens are yummy colours.

  10. Beautiful finishes! The Valentine's one will definitely make a great envelope :)
    Great new fabrics and cute owl!! You're so lucky to spot these in the wild!!

  11. What a lovely things are in this post! Very nice work and those fabrics are gorgeous!

  12. Oh I love your owl... and your stitching and stashing too, of course. But hey, I've never seen an actual snowy owl out wandering about so I'm enamored.

  13. It's always fun to see your beautiful work, Lynn. Hope you are staying warm!

  14. Love your stretched finished pieces, I think they look great displayed just the way the are actually. What a good idea, now you can enjoy them until you decided if/when to frame them and not have them stored out of site. Enjoy your new fabric, I've several pieces from lakeside and really like it. Loved the owl pictures, they are such gorgeous birds.

  15. Love the snowy owl!
    Beautiful work!
    Know what you mean with cost of shipping. Exchange rates.

  16. Those are lovely finishes. Great job!

    I also love the idea of getting your work stretched and displaying it until you get it framed.