Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 WIPocalypse - First Full Moon of the New Year

Welcome to a new year of WIPocalypse! This is my third year posting as part of this wonderful group. If you have many WIP languishing in a pile than this is the group for you! I don't often have works leftover which have accumulated. I tend to finish what I start for the most part. I will finish up those works which I had not completed by year's end and add to the list as I go along.

You can see a list of what I'd like to stitch this year by clicking on the 2015 WIPocalypse which you see at the top of my blog. The link will take you to the list. I've shortened it a little from last year because I didn't complete all the projects that I originally hoped to. I've found over the years that I'm what I term a mood stitcher. My moods change throughout the year and I just stitch whatever my mood dictates. If you want to join us, follow the link here and sign up! It's a fun way to share your stitching with others with no pressure of deadlines or competition.

One of the pieces on my list is Plum Street Samplers Promised Lamb. I started this design at the tail end of November. As Christmas approached I had very little time to work on it and I knew that it would be a carry over into the new year. Pretty much anything is that I start at that time of the year unless it's a small. 
Here's some pics of my progress at the end of the year and my progress since the start of the new year.

I had hoped to have that house all stitched by now but I got interested in another new start. This is another Christmas design although not too much so.
It's by With Thy Needle and Thread and is called Heaven and Nature Sing.

I'm stitching this on WDW 30 ct Cocoa. I try to stick to the designated floss but quite often the dye lots differ or they don't look right on the material if it is not the same as the designer's. In this case, the proposed colour of the dress, Gentle Art Lexington Green, just sort of faded away into the material so I substituted with WDW Dove which is working out quite well. 

I'm enjoying both pieces very much but will be starting on a small soon as I have also continued my participation in the Smalls SAL for 2015. Perhaps a design for the New Year or a Valentine? Time will tell! 

The weather here has turned bitterly cold after having received only our second storm of this winter. Yesterday we received 18 cm of snow followed by freezing rain, then rain and finally a small dusting of snow again overnight. Talk about a mix of weather!

 Finally I have to show you the latest addition to my eldest son's family. Meet little Luna. Isn't she cute? She's a chocolate point Siamese and apparently is super affectionate.

My stomach tells me it's time to get supper on the go. How about a pot of chili on this cold winter's night? Sounds about right to me!


  1. I love both of your current WIPS...Nature Sing speaks to me on many levels, I'll love watching it grow!

    Your blog is beautiful...I love the picture at the top :) And your sweet snow covered chairs ;)

    Sweet LUNA! I have always heard that Siamese are the most intelligent and affectionate cats :) She's beautiful!

  2. Luna looks gorgeous! I had to re-read your paragraph a couple times before I realized she wasn't yours (too busy looking at the photos) and my first thought was what a snit Clarisse must be in!

  3. Your stitching looks wonderful. Luna is such a beauty!! Looks quite frozen where you are too! Stay warm and enjoy the week.

  4. Your two pieces are lovely. I love the term mood stitcher; that is probably what I am too. :o)

    Luna is precious!

    Stay warm!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your stitching this coming year, and the projects you are working on! Your cat looks precious! ~Jaime

  6. I love all your pictures - nature, kitty cat, stitching - beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing how your projects progress over the next year.

  7. Awesome WIPs, can't wait to see more.

  8. Oh these are both wonderful!
    It has turned bitterly cold here too. Careful with that ice out there.
    Luna looks so sweet.

  9. Lovely projects. I look forward to watching your progress through the year.

  10. Beautiful work so far on both pieces. I look forward to watching them take shape.

    What an adorable kitten :) May she brings lots of joy!
    Take Care

  11. what adorable stitching! I admire your ability to stick to a piece until you've finished it, I wish I could do that!
    Luna looks ADORABLE, give her a huge bunch of hugs from Taras and I ❤️

  12. Beautiful projects ... I love Nature Sing, it's such a nice pattern.

  13. A just-wonderful post. :) that PSS is so calming as a WiP. I have some charts, but have not stitched any of Paulette's designs yet. What a sweet little cat! Some snow here today, too--save me some chili!

  14. Luna is adorable...very sweet.
    Two pretty projects.

  15. I love both desgins your stitching. They are so beautiful. Love the look of your blog - so inviting & pretty!
    love Annette

  16. Promised Lamb is looking gorgeous! Your new start has lovely soft colors but I don't know how you see on such tiny fabric!! Hope your weather has settled down a bit? Little Luna looks adorable - winter is the perfect excuse to sit and cuddle with a cat isn't it? Have a lovely week, Helen

  17. Your WIPs are lovely.

    Stay inside in the warm, there is no better place to be.

    Luna looks such a sweetie. Way back over 20yrs ago a friend had Siamese cats. I remember them always coming and saying hello and then wouldn't go, they always wanted a cuddle.

  18. Yay for projects involving random lines from Christmas carols! These are beautiful, looking forward to seeing them finished.

  19. Your WIPocalypse stitching is coming along great, Lynn, and both projects are a great choice, as usual. I'm looking forward to seeing what small design you will be stitching for this month's Smalls SAL.
    The picture in your header is fantastic. Just like a fairy tale picture.

  20. Beautiful projects! Luna is so pretty, I love Siamese :)

  21. Two lovely WIPS here, both very delicate and pretty. I do agree with you about the threads, that is why I prefer DMC, they always match the original photo!

    The cat is gorgeous, Siamese are such beautiful creatures and so talkative.

    If you do finish a Valentine small why not enter my Valentine Blig Hop with it?

  22. Love your stitching, your kitty is just so adorable.


  23. What an absolutely adorable new kitty! I love her already. :)