Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October Smalls SAL

I had really hoped to get in more than one small project this month but time just got away on me. Consequently this is my one and only Halloween small stitch which as you can see is still lacking the final finishing. This is Witch's Kitchen by The Primitive Hare and is a freebie which is available on her site here.

 I'm already scouting out some smalls for next month's SAL. My mojo has somewhat deserted me though and I just don't feel like any new starts. I must be sick!!

I know that winter is just around the corner but I was a little surprised when I came across this fellow on my way home late this afternoon.

We had a large number of the snowy owls in our area last year due to a shortage of food in their own habitat. The flew further south than they had ever been seen before. I wasn't sure how many we would see this year and I certainly didn't expect to see one here quite this early! Now I'll be keeping an eye out to see if others are arriving. 

My youngest son dropped by this weekend for a short visit. While he was here he decided to get started on some pumpkin carving for me. He picked out a pattern, got my pumpkin cleaned and scraped and then transferred the pattern onto the surface. After that he ran out of steam and I ended up carving out the pieces. This design was a bit of a challenge to carve but the results were certainly worth it.

This piece took about 2 1/2 hrs to complete so we'll see just how ambitious I am when it comes to doing another. 
Happy Halloween!!! 


  1. Witch's Kitchen is cute.
    LOVE the Frankie Pumpkin.
    Glad to see your Owls are back.

  2. Wow Lynn!! That is a pumpkin??? Really??? There are patterns??! See how much I know of all the halloween thingies available!
    Great stitching and thanks for the link!
    Oh...and you are SO lucky to have owls that close!! I love them :)

  3. Fabulous Halloween finish and fantastic pumpkin carving!!! I was proud of mine but they are absolutely nothing compares to yours :)
    Hope the stitching mojo returns soon!

  4. Jaki piękny"straszny" wzorek.:) Pozdrawiam

  5. Amazing pumpkin!
    Lovely little stithcy project too.

  6. Such a cute finish! Thanks for the link. And your pumpkin looks spectacular.

  7. That pumpkin...awesome! The Snowy Owls...Oh I do hope you see many more so I can view your gorgeous pictures of them :) Love your finish!!!!

  8. Cute stitching - and - WHOA! What a pumpkin!!

  9. Wow your pumpkin is amazing! Great stitching. I hope you get lots of Snowy Owls back again, I enjoyed your photos last year.

  10. What an amazing pumpkin! Wow! Loved your Halloween stitchings, too.

  11. Your halloween stitch is so sweet, wow that pumpkin is wonderful.


  12. Great little Witchy stitch!

    And your pumpkin is amazing! It's like a professional one! Do they have professional pumpkin carvers? Is that even a job you can apply for?

    Quite envious of your owl too, we have had a barn owl in our garden once but nothing like that beauty.

  13. Witches Kitchen turned out very cute, and the Owl was gorgeous. I've seen them occasionally when at a zoo, but never been lucky enough to see one out in nature. The pumpkin was awesome, I can't imagine how careful you'd have to be while carving to make sure didn't make a mistake with all those details. I'll bet your trick or treaters were very impressed!

  14. Great Halloween finish and that pumpkin is amazing!

    Aww how wonderful to see that owl.