Friday, 20 September 2013

September WIPocalypse

My all time favourite season officially starts tomorrow and I'm thrilled. I love autumn and anything that pertains to it. It's back!..... along with crisp bright days, cooler nights, changing leaves, colourful mums, apple picking, pumpkin pies, pumpkin chai lattes, and tons of fall stitching projects that I want to start all at once. There are not enough hours in the day to get them all completed before Christmas stitching calls to me. I'm just going to have to limit myself and that's the main problem, lol!

I started off the month by getting my ornament stitched up for the ornament SAL at Stitching Lotus. Of course it had to be a fall theme! Unfortunately I can't show a pic until the last Wednesday of this month so you'll just have to check back for that.

Next up, my Blackbird Designs Pumpkin Blossom pincushion.

I love how this has turned out and I'm hunting now for fabric for the backing. I can't wait until it joins the others on display in my dough bowl. I want to stitch the companion piece to this one too.

I finished this and went straight back to my other BBD,  Song of Spring. Don't you just love the colours?

I've decided that this is being stitched in memory of my dear Aunt Beverly who passed away a year ago this past spring. Aunt Bev was always so supportive of me and I miss her dearly. We had both worked as healthcare professionals, she as a nurse and myself as a lab technologist, so she understood the stresses I faced in my workplace. We actually both did our training at the same hospital. She was also very supportive of my needlework and as a retirement gift she had one of my stitching finishes framed for me. 

I've also been diligently working away at my Torah stitch.

I now have only half a line of text to complete and then I can start work on my borders. The borders are left up to the individual to choose although they have limited us as to which colours we can use. I've picked my border for the sides which has to be very narrow since there are only 5 spaces allotted for it. I have a little more leeway with my bottom border. I've got it narrowed down to 2 choices at this point and will decide once I'm done the main stitching.

Besides my stitching, I did a little finishing on some autumn stitches I completed last year. I finished up two little pincushions to add to my decor.

Plum Street Samplers Give Thanks freebie

Gentle Art Fall For Squirrels
That's about it for this month. I've picked out a couple of more ornaments I'd like to stitch but beyond that I haven't decided on a larger project yet.

Although the joint in my hip is killing me lately I'm still trying to do a little bit of walking as it will allow. During one of my evening walks last week I spotted this in my neighbour's tree.

I don't know if she's spotted it yet but it would sure account for the large increase in the number of wasps I've seen around lately!

Thank you for each and every comment that you leave here. I do love reading them so much.
Enjoy your weekend and fall's arrival everyone!


  1. Beautiful autumn stitches!I love them all♥

  2. Great work you've done!! I adore the squirrels!!!

    Scary wasp nest...we found one like that once when I was a kid...fortunately it was abandoned! Unfortunately my dad thought it was neat and my mom had to put up with it as "decor" for many years!

  3. Love your finishes Lynn! The BBD Pumpkin blossom is so sweet. I am starting Give Thanks myself but on black. I had it kitted up for a year now so I think the time is now to stitch it! Hugs!

  4. What lovely finishes! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finish of your section of the Torah; please keep us up to date as it is completely put together.

  5. I love autumn too. Pretty, pretty stitches. I would tell your neighbor about the wasps! Yikes!

  6. Lots of lovely stitching, Lynn! Love the Autumn-y colours!

    That's a scary wasp nest!

  7. Love the autumn finishes. The BBD piece is coming along nicely.

  8. Aww Lynn I'm oohing and aahing over your beautiful stitching.

    I'm just not getting enough of that done these days - it's Spring where I am and the garden calls the loudest at the mo!

    I'm still working on my third granddaughters Christmas stocking - I will be pleased to finish it and start on some smaller pieces such as your pretty pin cushions.
    I love "In Every Thing Give Thanks" beautiful colours too.

    have a happy weekend.
    Shane x

  9. Oh wow! I love everything you've stitched. Extremely Beautiful.I love Fall too. Definitly tell your neighbor about the wasp nest - its way too large (scary). love Annette

  10. Great work you've done! I love the squirrels. Yes, autumn/fall is a wonderful time of the year and the wasp nest is great to see but dangerous.
    Have a wonderful week-end.
    Greetings from Germany

  11. Lovely post and love all your Autumn work.

  12. Great Fall stitcheries.
    Love the Squirrels. :)
    You've made a lot of progress on the Torah.
    The nest is scary. lol

  13. I love the finishes and your finishing is gorgeous. Fall is my favorite too. I hope that your hip feels better.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love all of your finishes..they are so beautiful.....

    My favorite time of the year is Fall as well.

    I hope that your hip will get much better so you can get out and walk and enjoy seeing the beautiful Fall colors.

    Happy Stitching

  15. Happy Autumn!!
    My favorite time of the year
    All your finishes are fantastic
    I do hope your hip gets better real soon
    That hive is awesome, but scary

  16. We had a hornets nest like that at our old house and a neighbor came and took it somehow and it hung in his house after all the hornets had been killed. Your stitching... Each and every little thing is gorgeous!!!

  17. This post definitely has the feel of autumn about it. :) You sure have some lovely finishes to show! And I do love the colors in each of the pieces! I think I would be a little worried about that huge wasp's nest. Sorry that your hip has been hurting, and I hope that you can get it replaced soon.

  18. Beautiful autumn stitching - I love your pin cushions. It's late summer here and autumn is just around the corner.

  19. Woah, just look at that wasps nest. I'd certainly take a wide route around that one!

    Lovely stitching and finishing.

  20. Hear, hear! Autumn is my favourite season too :) I'm looking forward to wearing more scarves and hats and sipping from a big mug of tea under a blanket. Great stitching, I love your Gentle Arts finish, so adorable.
    Best wishes.

  21. I have to agree with you - fall is my favoirte time of year too! Love the Folk Art Squirells finish.

  22. Glad to hear you're still trying to do a bit of walking in spite of your hip, Lynn... That is some wasp's nest you stumbled upon--yikes!!

    Your finishes are adorable and I do love the little pillows--just beautiful :)

    Hope your autumn continues to be so nice. We had solid rain here yesterday, but today looks more promising...

  23. Your autumn projects are simply gorgeous--I'm happy that the weather is cooling off here, too. Sorry to hear about your hip. And if it were me, I'd drop a not-so-subtle hint to the neighbor to remove the wasp nest!

  24. Lovely autumn stitching and super finishes.

  25. What an ambitious project in doing
    the Torah is lovely.
    Fall means Christmas is just around
    the corner and who can resist all
    the stitching possibilities for

  26. I love your autumn finishes so much!
    Especially Fall For Squirrels - you used one of my favourite fabrics :)


  27. Fabulous fall finishes!! Love the colors in the Plum Street piece!!! Wowzers, that is a big nest! Amazing creatures to build such things, aren't they?

  28. Beautiful fall stitching Lynn!

  29. Beautiful stitching as always! I cant believe we're in Autumn already...