Saturday, 20 October 2012

Of Fall, Halloween finishes and a Win

It's a beautiful fall day here today and I have to go no further than the windows of my home to see autumn's beauty. I  snapped a few pics of the view but before I show you, it's time for a stitching update.

I've had two small finishes this week. First up is Hocus Pocus.

The Stitcherhood Hocus Pocus
stitched on 36 ct Lakeside Linen Vintage Pear
using DMC floss

I think I prefer this one without the vines and should I ever stitch it again I'm going to leave them off.
Next is a cute little stitch called Spooky Halloween. I'm on the hunt for the right fabric to finish this one off shortly.

Spooky Halloween by Shelly Auen of Primitive Stitchin'
stitched on 32 ct Lakeside Linen Sand
using DMC floss

My black silk floss for Ghoul has arrived so as of last night it's back in my rotation. I should have an updated photo for you soon. I'd still like to do one more Halloween small, yet to be decided on.

Besides the silk floss, I had another surprise arrival last week. Cath of The Stitchin' Chicken had a giveaway at the end of August to celebrate her blogoversary which I was the lucky winner of. All I knew was that there was a suprise package to be sent to the winner. Here's what I found waiting for me: 2 lovely cuts of linen, some 
WDW floss, a pair of scissors, gorgeous fob and Birds of a Feather Bloom Where You Are Planted. I was overwhelmed by Cath's generosity. Thank you very much Cath! I intend to make good use of everything.


Last week my family gathered in Ottawa for a memorial service for my cousin's wife who had recently passed due to a long fight with ovarian cancer. It was a chance for us to celebrate her life and also to visit with one another since we are rarely together anymore.
Here I am with my cousins and my sister Laurie (far right).

Two of my sons, Daniel and Chris were also able to join us so I snapped a picture of them with their Aunt and Uncle.

Now for some pics of the colours outside the windows of my home.

I'll be sorry to see all that colour go and it is going, as you can see from that bare tree in the last photo. I've been stuck indoors with some sort of a respiratory virus so I haven't been able to get out and enjoy the sights the last several days. 
Gotta go, I hear the timer on my oven beeping! I'm on for coffee hour goodies at church on Sunday so I'm baking some pumpkin loaves. Mmm, wish they were for us!


  1. I love your Halloween stitching! I am looking forward to see how you finish them.
    So nice for your family to be together to remember and celebrate your cousin.
    What a lovely package from Cath.
    I love the fall colors. Have a great week!

  2. Wonderful Seasonal stitching, I particularly love the spider.

    Congratulations on your lovely win.

  3. Pumpkin loaves hmmm ... that sounds good ive never heard of that before im going to search for recipes - i am always looking for ways to get vegetables into my children, its a hit and miss wether i succeed or not. your halloween stitching is cute - i especially like the Spooky Halloween one - and you recieved a great package from Cath - love the boaf chart - enjoy the rest of your weekend, Amanda

  4. Blah - sorry to hear you've been ill. It's coming on that time of year, isn't it?

    Love your Halloween stitching! I'm surprised I haven't stitched something up for the holiday...I usually do. I will just have to admire yours this year!

  5. Lovely stitches Lynn!! Big congrats on your win! How very generous of Cath :D

    I'm glad you got together with your family and celebrated her life. It's what we should do. Sorry to hear of her passing.

    Hugs from me and Titus

  6. Glad your parcel arrived safely. I was starting to worry when I hadn't heard anything .X

  7. Congrats on your win, sweet surprise! Lovin' the Halloween stitches, may have to pull out a small to work on this wonderful autumn Sunday. Enjoy your stitching!

  8. Love your new Hallowe'en banner - no surprise, they are always fabulous!

    We missed you in Camden East, but it looks like you and your family were able to celebrate's your cousin's wife and were able to catch-up!

    Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Missed seeing you, hope to make it back to Tuesday stitching this week, but will have to see. Take care of yourself!

  9. Yum, I think I can smell those pumpkin loaves from here, Lynn! They sound scrumptious... So sorry you haven't been feeling so well--hope you get better soon.

    Our leaves are so lovely this year, too--prettiest in many years! I hate to see them all fall, too... Love your latest spooky finishes--have fun finishing them up!

  10. What fun new finishes! and an awesome surprise package too!

    Love all the autumn colors, most are almost done here too. It goes too quick!

  11. adorabile lavoro per halloween

  12. adorabile lavoro per halloween

  13. Great Halloween stitching!! Love seeing all the fall colors!! I don't have them where I'm at (a tropical island), so anytime I can glimpse them, even from afar, I am happy! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Picture of the trees in all their colors was lovely. We've been having the changing colors for a while now, so at this point it seems like a good share of them are on the ground and need to be raked up, ugh!! A sign winter is on its way, I hate winter, wish I could just hibernate.

    Cute finishes, perfect timing finishing before Halloween. Spooky is just too cute with the little cat, don't remember seeing that one before. Now that you have more of the black for Ghoul I'll look forward to seeing that one again.

  15. Love your Halloween stitching! I love all that autumn color, too. I am going to be so sad when the leaves are gone here. My mom arrives on Wednesday morning so I'm hoping that things will still be bright when she gets here. A bit of wind and rain and it'll be bleak. :P

    Great win! Lucky you! I enjoyed your family photos, too. :)

  16. Both your finishes are so cute!
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful autumn photos!


  17. You know I love your two finishes, lol
    Lucky win from Cath
    You have a good lookin' family

  18. The Halloween finishes are so beautiful, I have never seen these designs before.
    Until yesterday our garden had the same colours as yours but yesterday it started snowing and now everything is covered by at least 15 cm snow. A bit early for my taste :((