Monday, 17 September 2012

Three More Finishes!!

Woo hoo!! I find it hard to believe but so far this month, in addition to Turkey Love, I've had three more finishes. Halfway through the month and I've managed four finishes in total. Timing is everything since one of these finishes has been underway all summer. However, I've been spending much more of my time stitching and less time blogging.
The proof is in the pudding!

First up, Enchanted Crow.

Threadwork Primitives Enchanted Crow
stitched on 32 ct LL Sand linen using DMC

Next on the list is a really sweet little freebie chart from The Gentle Art that I found in my stash and had forgotten all about. It's called
Fall for Squirrels.

The Gentle Art Fall For Squirrels
stitched on 32 ct LL Sand linen using DMC

Both of these stitches will be finished off as pin pillows.

And finally, the third finish is the Birds of a Feather mystery stitch. This was stitched as a thank you for my friend Trish after all the times she helped me finish off my pin pillows with her sewing machine.

With Thy Needle & Thread Birds of a Feather
stitched on 35ct Weeks Confederate Gray linen
using WDW floss

After stitching this one, I've decided I rather like working on 35ct and so I have another project lined up on some 36ct linen.  Thank God for magnifying glasses!! 
As I mentioned earlier in this post, I think that one of the reasons my stitching has increased is because I'm spending far less time on the computer now. I can't keep up with all my blog commenting and was wasting a good portion of each day trying so now I'm merely reading posts and commenting on occasion. I do still enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing what you've been up to.

Today I pulled out another small stitch from my freebies stash. This one is by Plum Street Samplers and I should have enough stitched for a pic by the end of the week. I'm still deciding on my next big stitch.
PSS Halloweenies is up for consideration as well as BBD Christmas Garden and This is the Day by Tracy Riffle of Hands to Work. The latter is from the Just Cross Stitch Jan/Feb 2009 issue. Not one of these three is on my WIPocalypse list but I figure it won't hurt to add one or two more.

Clarisse has accompanied me each morning when I head into the gazebo with my coffee and my stitching. She loves to sit on the top of the bar fridge and watch the birds in the hedge. Here she is getting settled for the morning.

She's too funny. I've discovered that she equates the sound of the coffee maker with her jaunts outdoors. At the first sound of coffee being prepared she heads to the back door and cries at me to take her out. If for some reason I'm not heading out there that day, she sure lets me know about it and chastises me silly!

The fall season is in full swing now that everyone has returned from holidays and various groups get underway once more. My new applique group had met only once when I decided that applique was not the thing for me. I really was disliking all the sewing involved and resented the time away from my stitching. So I gave my supplies to one of the other ladies and promised that I would drop by once in awhile to check on their progress.  Guess I'm just a one craft girl!

Tomorrow I have a couple of my former coworkers joining me for lunch so I'm off to prepare a carrot soup. I spotted lots of carrots at the market on the weekend and thought that would be just the thing. It should be fun catching up with them. In the meantime enjoy this final week of summer while our friends on the other side of the globe prepare to usher in spring!


Beth Pearce said...

Congratulations on all of your finishes! I know what you mean about too much time on the blogging affecting your stitching. I can't keep up with it all either.

Deborah said...

All your finishes look wonderful. Clarisse is so pretty.

Veronica said...

Lovely finishes. Congratulations! Aww, Clarisse is such a sweet looking girl. Her antics are funny ^.^


CATHI said...

Congrats to the wonderful finishes! :o)


Annette-California said...

Your smalls are so cute. Now for With Thy Needle Mystery Sampler - GORGEOUS!!! Love it. Clarisse is a beauty. She's Himalayan right? I've enjoyed your post Lynn and photos.
You have a wonderful time stitching:) love Annette

Annette-California said...

Your smalls are so cute. Now for With Thy Needle Mystery Sampler - GORGEOUS!!! Love it. Clarisse is a beauty. She's Himalayan right? I've enjoyed your post Lynn and photos.
You have a wonderful time stitching:) love Annette

Chris said...

Beautiful finishes Lynn.
It sounds like you are having a lovely autumn so far.
Cats are funny!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finishes! I really, really love the squirrels and acorns - sweet!

Cats can be so PUSHY! Clarisse is a sweetie though. Her demanding to go out gave me a giggle.

I've tried other crafts too but stitching is just too important to me. I keep thinking I'd like to learn to quilt but when would I have time to stitch?

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Wow, you have been busy. Each and every finish is fabulous. Funny how we feel when something takes our stitching time, and often times we cave. Thankfully the love we hold is such a power that it is embedded in our lives.
As always and Cheers

Carol said...

Three wonderful finishes, Lynn!! I've been thinking about stitching that squirrels design, too, for my bowl of September finishes... Think seeing your finish may have pushed me over the edge :)

I am a one craft person, too... I just love my stitching too much to share it with any other hobby!! I have even switched to audio books so I can combing reading and stitching!

Give Clarisse a pat for me--such a beautiful kitty!

dixiesamplar said...

Lovely finishes Lynn! I've stitched "Fall for Squirrels" before and it is a fun one, and super quick!

Clarisse is looking mighty refined these days :o)

Nicola said...

It can be hard keeping up with everyone's posts. Beautiful finishes congratulations.

Cath said...

Gorgeous finishes , they are all really pretty . Bless Clarisse ,isn't it funny how they get into routines with us.
I'm off to see if the Gentle Arts freebie is still around ,lol.X

Tatkis said...

Wow, beautiful finishes!
Squirrels are so cute :)


BrendaS said...

Beautiful finishes Lynn! Big Happy Dancing for you:))

Vickie said...

Yes, Lynn, I too feel frustrated at times being at the computer so long. But I truly love catching up with everyone.
Your stitching is great. Well done.

Maggie said...

Lovely finishes and Clarisse is beautiful! Cats can be so funny can't they?

Have fun tomorrow with your friends,

Catherine said...

Congrats on your finishes! Love them all! Clarisse is such a beauty!!

Bonnie Brown said...

Great finishes!!

Judy S. said...

Beautiful stitching, Lynn! I especially like the birds of a feather one. Your kitty sure is cute. Does she spend lots of time outside?

Lois said...

What lovely finishes Lynn, especially Birds of a Feather!

Sally said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on three lovely finishes :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lynn congratulations so so many and so wonderful finishes!!!

Anne said...

Beautiful starts Lynn! I love them! Oooh miss Clarisse is adorable and I love how she knows with the coffee grinder sound that it's time to go outside with mom!! Love your Birds of a Feather finish! Congrats!! Hugs!