Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Feeling the itch......

To start something new, that is. My stitching is moving along quite smoothly over the past few days and as Turkey Love is nearing a completion, I feel that all familiar urge. Should it be a Halloween ornie, some smalls for fall or another big project? Time will tell as I sift through my stash. In the meantime, here's the updated pic of Turkey Love.

I am still really loving these colours. So rich and so appropriate as autumn approaches. I can't wait until this one is finished, framed and hung!

As for Birds of a Feather, I'm ready to move on to the border now. First I have to stitch the box framing around all of the centre stitching and then I can move on to the border. 

It doesn't seem to "pop" all that much when it's photographed so the picture never does it justice. It looks too washed out.
The floss that was called for on the stems of the flowers ended up being far too close to the colour of the hill and consequently the stems blended right in. So I frogged them, replacing the colour with a DMC from my stash.

So many of you have commented on the so called "cottages" that frequent Muskoka. Many of the locals and our friends have commented on all the construction and they're not too happy about it. Here's one example which just floored me.
Last year we spotted an older cottage and single slip boathouse for sale. 

It still looks like more than just a cottage to me but it wasn't one of the newer monsters. The boathouse had just been added or recently renovated, I can't remember which. 
This year when we were boating in the area, Bob commented to me that he didn't see that cottage anymore. "It just can't up and walk away. It's got to be there.", was my response. So we took another swing by the spot again and here's what we found.

It looks somewhat similar, but in fact it's a brand new cottage and boathouse. What a waste! It had all been torn down. As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing wrong with the previous cottage and that boathouse was practically new. But I guess it wasn't good enough! Now it's up for sale for more than double than the previous place. That's how the real estate moguls make a quick buck.

Further on our journey, we pass by another place that has a boathouse that looks familiar.

"Hey, isn't that the boathouse from the cottage that was torn down?", I asked my hubby.
Sure enough, it turns out that one of the contractors working on the site of that new cottage found out that they were going to tear down the boathouse and said that he'd take it. He had 24 hrs to get it out of there. So they got a barge and floated the boathouse down the lake to his own cottage. What a deal!
Okay, so the boathouse was saved but the cottage was still wasted as far as I'm concerned.
Somehow I think our wilderness paradise is eventually going to be nothing more than a lakeside suburb of Toronto, if it isn't already. Things are getting way out of control.

So that's my ranting for today! Now I'm off to see what new start I can come up with. It's almost as much fun as stitching it!


  1. I personally like the look of houses that have been around for awhile - what a shame to tear it all down! LOVE your stitching!

  2. Both WIPs look fantastic, Lynn! Awesome stitching!

    I like the old cottages much better. Too bad everyone wants new!

  3. Both pieces are really nice! And it's good that the old boathouse is saved!

    Greetings from Debby

  4. Great stitching.
    So glad that builder could save the old boat house. He did a great job too to manage it all in 24 hours.

    4th time I try to get through that stupid word verification. Last time too...lol

  5. Thats crazy isnt it? I much prefer how it looked in the first picture

  6. Great stitching progress! Lake progress..not so much. Sad to see the small quiet places go away.

  7. Too bad what is old is not new again. Glad the boathouse was saved.

    Your stitchings are looking so pretty!

  8. Love your stitching especially Turkey Love I think the colours really stand out.

  9. That is such a shame that the older cottage was torn down--why not just add on or renovate the existing one? At least that quick thinking contractor saved the boat house from demolition!

    Lovely stitching, Lynn--looks like you'll have a couple of finishes in no time :)

  10. Your processes are adorable! And it's so hard not to start something new ;)


  11. Nice work on your stitching! What a shame that the heritage and feel of the area will be lost with all these new mega constructions.

    Along the river near my house, the houses used to have some character and were all different. Over time a good portion have been knocked down or completely renovated and they all have a similar look. There is nothing special about the street now, except for the homes are all massive.