Friday, 25 May 2012

My latest TUSAL

Here's a photo of my latest TUSAL. I'm a little late because I've been away visiting family the past week. There seem to be more orts than last month at this time. Lots of pretty spring colours too. Most of these are a result of my Peace Inside finish and my Birds of a Feather finish. I thought it was only fitting to take the picture with my bird of Hope since there are so many Cancer Society Relay for Life walks taking place here in Canada at this time. 

My trip this past week was a busy one and there was very little time for stitching. The only time I picked up a needle was in the car on our journey there and back. I have two new starts though that I can show you. The first is Maissonnette aux Fraises which is designed by Cathy Roy.

This is a really sweet design and just perfect for the upcoming strawberry season.

My second start was  Shakespeare's Peddler Magic Garden Sampler. When I got started on this one I discovered that my floss list was missing two symbols and their corresponding floss. A quick email to Theresa solved the issue. It seems that I have one of the early releases of the pattern which was later re-released with the corrections. I know that I'm really going to enjoy stitching this one!
Here's my progress so far.

One of the reasons for our trip home was to attend our highschool reunion. This is the 90th anniversary of the school and my DH and I really felt we should attend because there is talk that the school may be closed in the next couple of years. We had seen many of our friends last year at the band reunion but this time my sisters and Bob's brother were also involved which made it all the more fun.
Here's a photo of me with my younger sister Laurie, enjoying the Saturday night dance. I think she looks fantastic, having lost 80 lbs over the course of the past two years! Way to go Laurie!

I was disappointed that we didn't manage to get a picture of all three sisters together. Lana didn't attend the dinner dance and on the Friday evening her decade was partying in a different location.What the reunion committee did was to arrange the closure of one of the streets near our school where many of the local hangouts are located. Each pub was host to a different decade from pre 1950s to the 2000s and because the street was closed to traffic you could wander back and forth between locations if you wished. All the street lamps on the street had either red or white bulbs to reflect our school colours. 
On Saturday the school was open for touring along with various activities such as a basketball game against one of our rival schools who were also celebrating their anniversary. A dinner dance completed the day. 
During the tour of the school I discovered this picture of the Hockey Team from 1948. I was thrilled to spot my Dad in the picture, second from the right in the top row. I knew he had played basketball but I had no idea he had been on the hockey team! My Mom is also a graduate of the school but was not well enough to attend the reunion.

We had a fabulous time and I'm so glad we made the trip. The rest of our time was spent visiting family and friends before we headed home on Thursday. With any luck I'll be putting needle to fabric this evening after cleaning up here at home. We're hosting a potluck with one of my hubby's choirs here on Sunday so there's lots to get done. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend especially my American bloggers who are celebrating their Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!!


  1. Thanks Lynn, we plan to spend time together as a family. Your sister does look great. :)

  2. What an awesome post. I adore the birdie in your TUSAL photo!

  3. Hello

    Sounds like you had a great reunion.

    Lovely orts and your bird ornament is lovely1

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. love your bird with the orts jar.

  5. That was a really cool way of doing the reunion! I always had friends in different years, so by decade would include them all!

    Two exciting new starts - can't wait to watch them progress.

  6. Two lovely new starts Lynn! Sounds like a great time at the reunion. Lovely pic of you and your sister!

  7. Must have been a great reunion! Your stitching pieces are adorable. The colors of the maisonette des fraises are realy like a very yummy strawberry:-) I like the ort picture and grats to your sis. That is quite an accomplishment.

  8. Such a nice photo of you and your sister, Lynn... I'm glad you got to visit your old high school again, especially if it is to be closed. What fun to spot your dad amongst all those handsome hockey players!

    Your two new starts are so pretty--I've been thinking about stitching the Maisonnette aux Fraises, also. Will enjoy watching yours appear on fabric :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration at your school! I love the pic of you and your sister.
    Great stitching starts!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. What fun you must have had!!! Love that photo of you and your sister!! Lovely new pieces you are starting too!!

    Hugs from me and Titus!!

  11. Lynn I'm glad you had a good visit home!!!

    Great orts and great new starts!!!!

  12. Pretty orts :) I love your Hope birdie. Seeing your Magic Garden WiP reminded me that I need to get to mine too. Yours looks great.

    Sounds like it's been a wonderful reunion.


  13. Love your new starts. That very same thing happened with Magic Garden Sampler for me when I started it too! Lovey picture of you and your sister!

  14. For not having a lot of time to stitch, you have 2 great new starts!