Monday, 24 October 2011

A finish of sorts and a flood

LHN Acorn Hill
stitched on 28ct Lakeside Linen Buttercream
using Crescent Colour floss
                                                                       While Acorn Hill may look finished, it's actually missing an inner border. The second border looks just like the one at the top of the house and runs around the inside of the outer brown one. I ran out of floss to stitch this with and it should be arriving any day now. I realized about two weeks ago that I would probably run short so I paid a little visit to my ONS to order another skein. Of course I couldn't stop at just that! I threw in a chart as well, one of the new fall releases by With Thy Needle & Thread. Hopefully they'll make an appearance in my mailbox shortly.
After all the colour trouble I had with this one it turned out not too badly at all.

I'm having colour issues again but this time it's with BBD Trix or Treat. One of the required flosses is a blue-black shade however my skein is pretty much all black so there will be no variation between the crow and his hat. I've put this one aside for now. I was never really happy with the fabric and since I haven't got very far with it, I'm thinking I just might restart the whole thing. I'm wanting to get going on some Christmas stitching so this will get put on the back burner for now until I decide where I'm going with it.

Other than this, I haven't got any other stitching done.Here's where the flood comes in! Late last week Bob and I arrived home to find that our hot water tank had given up the ghost and in the process leaked all its contents on the basement floor. Our basement is a finished one and fortunately the damage could have been much worse. The water ran behind the tank into the next room which is a storage room with a cement floor. However from there it ran out into the hall and soaked the carpeting along the entire length of the hallway and into the spare bedroom. The carpeting was ruined and the drywall soaked up a good portion of the water. It's hard to see in this picture but the darker area is the wet portion of the carpeting. When you stepped on it the water came up and covered your shoes!

 We have replacement coverage for the tank since it's a rental and the gas company was quick to show up with the new tank the next morning. A call to the insurance company has resulted in our wet carpeting being cut up and removed along with the wet drywall and then heavy duty blowers being brought in to dry out the remaining wall and floors. They have assured me that they will replace the entire carpet in the rec room not just the hallway and a fellow from the carpet store is coming out this week to bring samples for me to choose from. Of course new drywall has to installed too. It's the thought of moving everything when they replace the carpet that finally got us geared up to do a major cleaning downstairs the past few days. Our rec room is around 1100 sq feet and besides the furnishings, a good portion of the floor space is covered by boxes and file cabinets. What do they contain? Music, music and more music!! Every available surface down there has sheet music on it. I kid you not! It happens when you marry an organist/choir director!
Since all those furnishings have to be moved, the mess on them has to be cleaned off and all the extra boxes removed. While the new carpeting is being laid, all the furniture will be sitting out in the garage (including my stitching chair and lamp). I haven't got a clue how'll they fit it all in there! We've managed to clean up most of the main room but still have to get everything filed away in the spare bedroom which also serves as Bob's office. This room will also get new carpeting.
So it looks like we'll be living in a bit of a mess for the next couple of weeks. The thought of the drywall dust alone scares the heck out of me. That stuff gets everywhere! Wish me luck!!


  1. So sorry about the flooding -
    Your finish looks great - keep focused on that ;)

  2. Love your finish!

    Sorry to hear about your flooding - hope your carpet gets sorted soon...

  3. It seems that type of occurrence never happens when you are home. Funny , while reading this through about all of the sheet music it reminded me of cleaning out Ma's house and what to do with all of her sheet music and books. They had a big old Gulbransen Rialto ll and played it all the time and yes. with the Leslies on ALL THE TIME! anyway, dads favorite piece to play was After You've Gone and that popped right into my head as if it were yesterday. Thanks for the fond memory.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Your Acorn Hill is beautiful...that inner border will be a breeze :)
    Don't you just hate it when stuff doesn't work out color-wise...makes me mad....
    I'm so sorry to hear about your flood...same thing happened to my Mom one year...what a mess!

  5. My first thought was "oh, no - the wet drywall - what about mold?" But they've already cut that portion out and it sounds like things are moving pretty quickly, so even though it's a huge inconvenience, I'd say you're blessed with the ways it's being handled. Hang in there; you'll get through this!

  6. Hi Lynn
    I have Acorn Hill in my bag and I know I am going to be short the same color as you. I will have to order one extra.
    I am so sorry to hear about your downstairs. What a mess! I hope that things go well and that you are back to normal very quickly.

  7. Acorn Hill looks lovely! Perfect for this Fall Season.

    I'm sorry to hear about your flood. Glad to hear they are replacing everything and in the end it will all be good:))

  8. So sorry to hear about the flood Lynn, I hope it gets all sorted soon. Congrats on your beautiful Acorn Hill near finish, you'll have it done in no time. Best wishes.

  9. Acorn Hill looks wonderful! Love the colors and that second border will take no time to stitch! It would have been a waste of postage to only order one skein of thread from your ONS! LOL

    Sorry about the flood but so glad the removal of the damaged carpet and drywall is being taken care of so quickly, can't give that mold a chance to get growing.

  10. What a lovely finish!
    Sorry about the flood, but hopefully it won't be long before it's all put back right. Hopefully you can find another stitching spot while your things are in the garage. :)

  11. Sorry about the flood! Hopely it won't take to long to get it the way you want it. Love Acorn Hill.

  12. Acorn Hill is lovely, the colours are gorgeous and the pumpkin stack looks great!
    Oh dear, water leaks are just the worst as it finds its way everywhere it can. Nice to hear that everything is getting sorted out nice and quickly and you're not being kept waiting forever ~ good luck I hope it all goes well xxx

  13. Oh, what a shame about the water damage, Lynn; having been through two flooded basements myself, I know how exhausting it is to clean everything up and get it back to normal. Good luck with everything...

    Your Acorn Hill is looking wonderful--so glad your color choices worked out so nicely :)

  14. Hi Lynn,
    Sorry to hear about your basement we had the same problem only ours happened because it rained for a week and we were having our driveway redone and the water came in from it. We had put a new carpet about a month before. They took it all out in narrow strips. It was heart breaking, but they had fans and new dry wall and a new carpet. It is a big job to fix isn't it. Talk to you soon.

  15. Agh, sorry about the flooding!! I hope it gets sorted soon. I hate it when things are all moved around like that but the new carpeting will be nice.

    Congratulations on the finish, it's lovely!

  16. So very sorry to hear about your basement! Flooded basements are always so messy to clean up. I'm sure you'll be looking forward to it all being finished up. Hopefully the dust won't be that bad.

    Your stitching looks great as always. I have Acorn Hill in my stash as well. LHN makes such cute designs. :)

  17. Cute finish (almost finish?)! Sorry to hear about the basement, what a pain.

  18. Hope you get all of the issues to do with the flood sorted quickly. Acorn looks great, hope you get your thread and new chart soon. Isn't is amazing how when you order just one thing, other items just seem to 'appear' in your basket LOL.

  19. A fab finish.

    Sorry about the flooding issue.

  20. Great finish! I can sympathise with you about the flooded floor. We had the same problem but with a washing machine.