Monday, 5 September 2011

Stitching progress

Two posts in one day. Wow, I must have time on my hands! Turns out that the weather hasn't exactly been what we'd hoped for today. It's been overcast and cool all day. DH and I have both been rather lazy and spent the afternoon watching the ball game rather than cleaning out the back room. It's a good excuse!

First off I'm going to show you the lovely gift that Bonnie made for me. I hadn't taken any pictures yet so I couldn't post it earlier. The last time I saw Bonnie at a SAL at Dani's house I asked if she could make a beaded fob for me. She does such a lovely job on her fobs and several of the ladies showed theirs off. We don't exactly live close to each other so I had to wait until this past weekend when our paths crossed again. I wanted a black and white fob to go with my new scissors and Bonnie has done a wonderful job. Thank you so much Bonnie!

Isn't it pretty? I love how she's added a charm with my inital. It looks fantastic with my scissors, don't you agree? Thank you so much Bonnie. I love it!

I also promised some more stitchy pictures. Below you will find pictures of the two RR that Kathy has been stitching on. The first is a TW Band Sampler and the second is a Mirabilia of Pixies and Fairies . Kathy stitched the top band in the TW sampler and the pixie on the upper left in the Mirabilia piece.  I believe that it's Ivy. Lovely work Kathy! The others pictured  in the Mira are Poppy, Sweet Pea, Lilac, Amaryllis and Jasmine. It's a beautiful RR and I love the fabric chosen for it.

Finally I have some before and after pictures to show you of my weekend projects.
The first is my LHN Canadian version of America. It was a good piece to work on. Filling in all the white on the house didn't take much concentration and then I could listen to all that was going on around me.


When it was a little quieter, usually in the evenings, I would bring out my BBD Sunflower House.
This continues to be a favourite for me and I had many favourable comments on it this weekend.



I'm really pleased with the progress I made on both pieces. In addition, I worked on a third project but since this is a gift for someone who reads my blog, I won't be showing any peeks at the moment. Considering how much chatter and laughter was going on it's a wonder I got any stitching completed at all! Oh yeah and how can I forget about all the eating!! Thank you so much Kathy for opening your home to us. It was a delightful weekend that I soon won't forget!


CalamityJr said...

And a good time was had by all! If I wasn't so happy for you getting together with stitchy friends, I'd be jealous! I'm really enjoying your O Canada and Sunflower House; it will be great to see how you finish them.

Beth said...

You got an amazing amount done considering your circumstances - LOL! I am really liking both pieces, but I lean more to the Canada one as my fav.

Bonnie Brown said...

You are very welcome!!

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Really nice stitching! Your WIPS are coming along nicely.


Bekca said...

You made excellent progress on your WIPs Lynn, I'm sure finishes aren't too far off. Best wishes.

Carol said...

So glad you all had such a wonderful time at Kathy's, Lynn. I'm with you--I can't stitch anything complicated when in a group. I have to just do easy fill-in stitching or less complicated designs. Your Canadian home is looking great, as is the Sunflower House--I'll bet you'll have two new finishes in no time :)

Anonymous said...

We did have a great time, didn't we? Can't wait until the next one.

Anne said...

Pretty scissor fobs!! I love the "L" attached to the top one. Lots of great progress on your WIPS!!

Rhona said...

Ooooh! lovely scissor fob. Love your WIPs too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow, its all fantastic stitching! Kathy did a great job on those RR's. You also made great progress despite how distracting the chatty stitchy ladies can be!!!

I love the sunflowers too!!!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful stitching processes!
And a lovely bead fob!


Zoe said...

Sounds like you had a really fun time- I love stitching weekends! I wish my stitchy friends hadn't moved so far away!

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award- you can find the details on my blog!

Judy S. said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend which was also very productive. Love that scissors fob. Aren't those decorated scissors cute...and useful too? How fun it must be to have a group of people to stitch with!

Siobhan said...

Oh wow, it looks like you guys had a BRILLIANT weekend!! I love seeing all the photos of what people were working on. Your Canadian LHN project is coming along so nicely--you did a great job on the converting to Canadian motifs. Love the BBD Sunflower House, too. Kathy's pixies--oh my gosh. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the weekend with me. :)

Karen said...

Your fingers were certainly busy! You've made excellent progress on both pieces! I love the fob from Bonnie too.

Sharon said...

Beautiful progress on all your projects!

NOSTROMO said...

Amazing work!
It's so sweet! I fell in love with this work!
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