Thursday, 24 March 2011

A finish for my giveaway

I finished stitching my little chicks on Monday and today I spent the morning getting them all finished up. For those of you who guessed Prairie Schooler, you would be correct. They're from book 107, Just Hatched. I thought I had some 32 ct fabric for stitching this but alas there was nothing but 28 ct so the egg is a little larger than I'd planned. As for the egg shape, my finishing skills leave a lot to be desired. What I lack in finishing I make up for with enthusiasm. I'm thrilled to be sharing something I stitched with one of you. If I could I'd make an egg for each and every one of you. You have all blessed me with your friendship, insight and skills. Thank you all so much!
BTW, I have no intention of sharing just how long it took me to complete this today. Can someone please tell me how to finish off the ends on this kind of trim!? Just suffice it to say that during the process there were several words that need not be spoken here that passed through my lips, lol!
In any case I'm learning as I go and hope that whoever wins my little chicks will be forgiving.

In addition to my own giveaway I've got together some items for the TUSAL giveaway over at Daffycat's blog. I picked a few more fabrics as well as finishing off a small pinkeep. It's from a freebie offered by Donna at By The Bay Needleart.

Now I just have to get everything into an envelope and mailed. This promises to be a very exciting draw at the end of the year to which so many people have donated items, both handmade and otherwise.

I've managed to finish off Maison No 4 this week with the exception of the outside border on 2 sides. I didn't calculate very well and consequently ran out of floss before I'd finished stitching. So now it sits on hold until another skein arrives which I purchased online. I'll post a final pic when that happens. I've spent a couple of evening stitching on Cast All Your Cares but a good portion of that was spent frogging so I won't have an updated picture of that until later this weekend.

I know several of you have commented on the snow you received on the weekend after such a promising leadup to spring with all the milder temperatures. Our snow had pretty well disappeared until that time as well. The first days of spring brought some pretty heavy snow which fortunately has now disappeared. Here are a few pics I took from the window during one of the snowfalls.
I love how the little sparrows have huddled under the boughs of the tree next door.

Gotta feel sorry for all those little critters who are once more out and about and then get whammied again!
Hope everyone is having a good week. Happy Stitching!


BrendaS said...

Lynn --
I LOVE your finish. I can so relate to the "finishing" part of it. Nobody likes to be around me when I'm doing something that isn't going as planned:)))

Can't wait to see who wins:)))

Cath said...

Your egg looks gorgeous . Love the snowy critter pics too . x

Berit said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog; you've got some great stuff going on here--love that PS egg! :D

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

love the finish and those pesty varmitts deserve all the winter they can take. I love the eggs too.
Have a great weekend Lynn, I know my knee will be up and the hands just a pulling those threads...
Be always in stitches.

Alisa said...

I love the finish on your egg! Finishing never seems to go exactly as planned, but that's what makes it ours. :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn,

Oh but I love your PS finish!
Those chicks are adorable and
I think you've done a fabulous
job of turning them into a
sweet hanging egg. Someone is
going to be very happy when
they win this draw ... hope
that it's me!! :)

Your By The Bay Needleart
pinkeep turned out great too.
That's such a pretty design
isn't it? Since seeing
your various finished projects
from this designer I've become
interested in picking up a few
of them too.

I'd also like to order some of
Tra La La's designs after seeing
your Maison No. 4. I've done
some exploring to see what
else this new-to-me designer
has created and I love all of
her stuff. Where did you get
yours?? It doesn't seem as
though my regular sources sell
them and boy oh boy are they
expensive in the overseas
on line shops!! Ouch!

Did you get the snow from that
-all-this-freakin'snow anyways) storm yesterday??

Say hi to Clarisse for me!


Beth said...

Both of your pieces are just darling. I can't imagine wanting the chicks to look any different!! But, I do know that when I am finishing it is not the stress reliever that stitching is - just the opposite - LOL!

We had some lovely spring weather, but it is back to cold and wet - not snow, but just dark and rainy.

Carol said...

Your little chicks are so precious, Lynn--great job on your ornament. Finishing those little things is so time-consuming and, believe me, I feel your frustration. For as many as I've done, I still get nervous!

Love your pinkeep, too! We had more snow here today--ugh! It's almost April, but you would never know it. On top of that a tornado touched down less than an hour from here yesterday...This is the craziest weather!

Angela P said...

I think your egg turned out fabulous Lynn :) I love these PS designs but haven't done any of them yet. I understand your frustrations over finishing, it's taken me many years of practice to feel comfortable but I still worry. Try a little piece of clear tape on the ends the next time but be sure to cut as close as possible to the edge so that too much of the tape doesn't show and then glue it down. This way it doesn't fray and sits nicely along the edge. Hope this helps? Let me know if you have any other questions and I can try to help :)

Ugh, the snow was awful and being in Mississauga we got the most, a crazy 23cm! It's Spring right???

Love the pinkeep you made for the TUSAL, what a wonderful prize that is going to be!

Sylvia said...

Lovely finishes Lynn. I have such a difficult time with that. I will stitch it, and then it will languish, and languish. Its usually because I am not happy with the way my finishing turns out... I guess I need a lot more practice. :)

Tatkis said...

Lovely finishes, and the chickens are so cute :)))
Nature pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Lynn!

Best wishes,

Kathy Ellen said...

The little chicks ornament is just adorable, and your finishing looks just great too. Love your precious "kitty bunny"! He is just way too cute for words.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lynn, I think you did a wonderful job with the finishing! It'll get easier with practice. Did you have trouble with the trip unravelling or freying? If so next time put a strip of tape around it before cutting then cut the tape in the middle, tuck the ends under so they don't show.

Blu said...

Lovely finishes! The egg looks very cute and you've done a great job finishing both pieces.

Karen said...

Your chicks are adorable and you did a great job at finishing it! I don't really have any tips for finishing the ends other than to say to tuck them under so they don't show.

Bekca said...

Your egg looks perfect to me, I'm just learning how to finish pieces and I think this egg shape is a great way to display easter designs. How cute is that little squirrel dusted with snow! Hope you get some warmer weather soon, and happy stitching.

Daffycat said...

The egg is so eggciting! What a darling finish, Lynn! Those chicks rock!

The pinkeep you have stitched for the TU Giveaway is perfect! I am looking forward to next January!

Barb said...

I know what you mean about the finishing. So intimidating! The oval shape must be very tricky! Someone told me to cover those ends with a bow but when you have a finish like this, it doesn't quite work. I used tape once and was not happy with it at all. Must be a better way! I can't see any problems with your egg and it is adorable!

Aussie Stitcher said...

You sell yourself short, your chickies finish looks wonderful. Love your pin-keep also.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous finishes!! Love that By the Bay piece!