Sunday, 2 January 2011

A new year and a new start

I hope everyone had a happy New Year. Ours was very quiet. In fact I rung in the new year by myself since my DH laid down for a cat nap around 8:00 pm and was still sleeping at midnight. New Year's Day we spent the day cleaning up a bit and later some friends joined us for supper. A most enjoyable evening indeed!
As of this writing my tree is down and most of the Christmas decorations are packed back in their boxes until next year. I usually leave some things up until Epiphany but on Tuesday we are heading to Windsor to visit our families for a few days. I know that when I return work will be waiting and then I won't have time for anything.

I made up my mind in early December which design I wanted to stitch next which was Rosewood Manor Spring Quakers. I was only waiting for the fabric to arrive. When it arrived, the week before Christmas, I was disappointed. I ordered the specified fabric which is PTP Valor and found that it was far darker than I really wanted. So I've decided to go with Queen Anne Lace instead. Of course I didn't have a large enough piece in my stash so I used some of my Christmas money to purchase some on ebay and I'm awaiting its arrival. In the meantime I had 2 other pieces kitted and ready to go. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe..... I chose LHN The North Wind. Waiting in the wings is A Cat in Snowman's Clothing by Hillside Samplings. I had a problem finding a link to the latter. I think it's been out of print for awhile.

So here's a photo of my new start so far. I've chosen a 28ct Dove Gray Monaco to stitch it on.
I'm working the displaced weekend right now so I'm not getting in as much stitching time as I'd like. Perhaps in the car when we head out on Tuesday.
I've been enjoying all the wonderful pics being posted of your choices and new starts for the Crazy January Challenge. Although I'm not participating, I'll be eagerly checking in to see your progress pics. I'll post some more updates when I return from my trip (which includes a visit to Thread & Eye in London!). I hope to put in some stitches on Cast All Your Cares again too. Have a great week !!


  1. Lovely start!

    But I can't wait to see Spring Quakers. It looks pretty good in the model picture, so an actual WIP? Hope the fabric arrives soon!

  2. Have a safe trip and be careful in London, lol gee, we're an hour east of there you know...
    I am sure your Spring Quakers will be wonderful.
    Be always in stitches

  3. Oh, you're headed to London, Lynn?? Lucky you! Have a safe trip and enjoy Thread & Eye :)

    Your new start is just perfect for January stitching--enjoy!

  4. I was looking at this design myself recently, it such a pretty one. I'm like you and just watching all the progress on the Crazy Challenge, it's more fun! I hope you have a lovely trip and happy stitching to you.

  5. Great start! I LOVE that design!

  6. I LOVE your new start! And I heart your blog background and header too :)

  7. Hi Lynn -- love the snowman on your blog background!

    Your LHN project is off to a great start. I hope you enjoy your trip to the needlework store in London!

  8. Happy New Year Lynn! Like the new start!

    Queen Ann's Lace is my favourite go-to fabric!

    Travel safe!

  9. A very loevly new start, Lynn. But LHNs are always a pleasure to stitch. Can't wait to see you stitching on Spring Quaker.
    Wishing you a very happy new Year!

  10. I can never bring myself to order fabric online. Threads yes, fabric no. I guess I could order an antique white or something like that, but I always seem to hold off on ordering fabric and I pick it up at my LNS. (And it doesn't hurt that she cuts it to size and serges the edges for me). But yeah, I would have a much better selection online. Maybe I will be brave in 2011 and order some.

  11. Spring Quaker looks beautiful, I can't wait for you to start stitching it. Keeping my eye on "The North Wind2 as that's coming in my 'new stash' package.

  12. Lovely new start! Enjoy your trip, lucky you!!

    Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.

  13. What a lovely new start! Shame about the fabric, it's always hard buying fabric online.

  14. I love Spring Quakers, a recent addition to my stash too.