Thursday, 18 November 2010

The frogs have finally left!

Thank goodness! After almost 2 weeks of entertaining the little pita ( pains in the a$#) they've finally packed their bags and left. That's why it's taken me so long to post. I've had no progress to show until now because everything I stitched had to be frogged out and re-stitched. Mind you, I'm the one that started this whole process with the decision to frog out the green leaves on my C'est L'Automne. But I sure as heck never expected to be entertaining them for such an extended period of time. By the time I'd restitched the leaves I discovered that the taller pumpkin was out and it had to be redone as well. Now I'm on the home stretch and this piece should be done by early next week. I'd like it done sooner but I'm working this weekend and you never know how things will play out. I was off work today and looking forward to some serious stitching time but things have a way of working out differently.
Here's a look at C'est L'Automne and the progress so far. I much prefer the colour of the leaves now.

I returned to my Tuesday night stitching this week but I didn't accomplish much. I spent too much time catching up. However my Jardin Prive Christmas does have a little bit more to show than previously. I've been stitching the bells at the bottom of the piece which I really like. I've also discovered that the characters at the bottom of the piece beneath the tree spell out Christmas in Japanese. I've not quite finished them yet though. This is a really enjoyable stitch and I find myself unwinding each time I pick it up. For now these are the only two things I've concentrated on. I'll get back to Cast All Your Cares later when the mood hits me. Right now I'm enjoying the Christmas stitch.

Work has been very hectic for me lately and next week promises more of the same so I don't know how much time I can squeeze in for stitching. Plus my youngest granddaughter has a birthday coming up and I'm trying to arrange a visit there or for them to come here, whichever works out best. So far that nasty white stuff has been kept at bay but as of today the temperature has dropped and there is mention of that S word for Sunday. On the positive side, the weatherman has been known to be wrong!

I'm constantly being reminded that Christmas isn't all that far off and once more I start to get that panicky feeling. I'm working the holiday this year and know I won't be having a big celebration on the day but that inevitable feeling settles on me anyways. Of course it doesn't help that everyone morning on my way to the lab I pass an office with the countdown displayed on a chalkboard on the door. That chalkboard just might mysteriously disappear!!

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your visits and comments more than you'll ever know.


  1. Sorry about the frogging - It will look so lovely when you are finished - Hang in there :)

  2. Your WIPs look really nice. I love your Christmas piece. I was supposed to work all of the Christmas/New Year holidays this year as well, but have somehow managed to get vacation time approved. I know it would be one awesome pay check, but I'm really grateful they gave me the time off.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Ah, those pesky frogs. And it
    always seems that one thing
    leads to another with them.
    But it sounds as though you've
    pretty much got them licked
    and are moving forward with
    C'est L'Automne. And it looks
    wonderful. Those pumpkins are
    so pretty and I like how you've
    chosen to stitch the leaves.

    J.P. Christmas is looking great
    too. I find it interesting that
    a cross stitch pattern designed
    by a French woman, being stitched
    by a Canadian woman, has Japanese
    lettering on it. It truly is a
    small world these days.

    The next few weeks will be busy
    with the first stages of Christmas
    prepping ... decorating the house
    and working on Christmas letters
    and cards ... so stitching time
    will suffer here too. Ah well.
    It will still be there when we
    next have time free to work on it.

    Whenever you pass that chalk
    board at work just rub the number
    off or get yourself a piece of
    chalk and write the number two
    in front of whatever number is on
    the board.


  4. Damn frogs anyway! Right about now that word you speak of Christmas is about as welcome as that word Snow. However, with our finally finished new room @Henley's Landing maybe it's really not that bad of a thing to begin to focus on. I hope you have a nice day with your Granddaughter if they get to visit and hopefully work won't really be that bad next week.
    As always Lynn,
    Be always in stitches

  5. Glad that the frogs are gone. Both WIP's are beautiful.

  6. Evil frogs. They come like a plague sometimes.

    Your Christmas stitch is really pretty.

    Don't you dare stress out over the holidays. This is supposed to be a happy season. *hugs*

  7. Glad to hear that the frogs have finally packed their bags. Both WIPs are looking wonderful, keep up the great stitching. I love Christmas time so don't really find it that stressful, although, I don't have to plan a big celebration - I leave that up to mum! :) Happy stitching to you.

  8. Good to know that the frog has left you, finally. Your WIPs look great and you definitely made some nice progress on them.
    We seem to have the same weatherman, lol, as over here some snow is predicted for the week to come as well. So we are already two hoping that he's wrong, lol.

  9. I share your panicky feelings about Christmas, Lynn! But, first I have to get through Thanksgiving--with 23 people coming for dinner on Thursday, I can only think of getting through that day :)

    Love your WIPS--hopefully, the frog has left for good :)

  10. Yeay! I'm glad the frogs have taken their leave. Your WIP looks great!

  11. Lynn, sorry to hear you had to enteratin the frogs for so long!!! But now C'est L'Automne looks fatnastic!!!