Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A small finish

Well it's taken me long enough but I've finally finished my LHN ornament Winter Sheep. After returning home from work on Saturday I got in the mood to Christmas stitch, dug it out and finished it lickety split! I've just placed the cardinal button on it for now. I had this one in my stash but I've got another slightly bigger cardinal button on order that I will use once it's arrived. So now it's on to Red House in Winter. I'm looking forward to stitching this one.

Although I worked the weekend I managed to get in quite a bit of stitching. It was one of the quietest weekends I've worked in a long time. Everyone's vacationing I guess and staying away from the hospital. So I put in some time on Summer Lineup. I started to put in the french knots for the watermelon seeds but got very frustrated and it didn't take long! Knots are not my forte and there are quite a few of them in this piece between the watermelon seeds and the dots on the ladybugs so I went online and ordered a pack of black Mill Hill Petites. I feel much better now!

At last night's stitching get together I decided to concentrate on Halloween Cove for awhile. I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. Several of the ladies who hadn't been there for some time made an appearance and there was a lot of catching up and ooohing and aaahing over current stitches as well as much enabling going on as we browsed each other's new stash. So this is where I am at this point. I hope to concentrate on this one a bit more now.

Just as I headed out for my weekly stitching I received a phone call that my latest stitch was ready for pickup at the framers. I was so excited to see it and I wasn't disappointed. The frame is really lovely . The pictures just don't do it justice. It's a dark red mahogany and is a perfect match to the red floss in the stitching. I've taken a closeup so you can see the detail in the frame.

One piece of news I have neglected to tell you about since my return from vacation is that I was the winner of a draw on Diane William's (LHN) blog. Diane was giving away a copy of her soon to be released new design The Family Sampler. I was so excited when I read her blog post and found out my name was one of 5 picked. Can you believe it? She had to draw names two more times because winners didn't respond within the posted time. I'll tell you it sure didn't take me long to respond! I LOVE Diane's designs and am really looking forward to seeing this one arrive in my mail. Thank you Diane!

I was just about to finish off my post tonight when my BFF Pam (no blog) dropped by for a visit and showed off her latest finish. I met Pam many years ago when I moved to my village and joined one of her decorative tole painting classes in an effort to meet new friends in the area. Pam and I became fast friends and I have shared my love of stitching with her. She informed me tonight that she always could spot a designer of a piece of tole work by their style and now she is starting to do the same with cross stitch thanks to my enabling, lol! I love her latest finish and asked if I could post a pic on the blog. Here it is - Like Home by La D Da.

Special birthday wishes are headed out to three of my stitching friends. Wish a Happy Birthday to Christin, Beatrice and Kathy who have all celebrated birthdays within this past week. Ladies, I hope you have spent your day doing something you love! Hopefully it included stitching.
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. I am so behind on my LHN Ornaments - I have purchased them all - I just need to get busy

    Right now I am stitching Home Of A Needleworker TOO

    I just love it

    Your framed piece is beautiful :)

  2. All the finishs are lovely. Your framed piece came out really well. Your friends piece is one of my favs. I have tried to teach all my friends to stitch. LOL Some really took to it.

  3. Winter sheep looks lovely, the LHN ornaments are on my stitching list for Xmas too! Your framed piece is magnificent it matches it perfectly! I love your Summer stitch too and don't blame you at all for ordering petite beads, that's what I do too!

  4. Winter sheep looks great! Love the frame you selected for your sampler piece. Your friend's piece is cute too! Congrats on winning the LHN giveaway too. The Family Sampler is is so pretty as are all of LHN designs. :)

  5. Lynn I'm glad you finally had a quiet weekend and was able to sit and stitch... and get so much accomplished!

    Wow that frame is just magnificent!!!!

  6. All of your finishes are absolutely beautiful, but boy I especially love the piece with the mahagony frame. Just beautiful!

  7. You sure are a busy stitcher. And you have answered Kerry's question for me, now I don't have to hunt for the graphs to see which ornament the little cardinal goes on. wooo hooo
    Have a great week and
    Be always in stitches.

  8. That little sheep is so cute, Lynn--I definitely have to make a point of stitching him myself. I'm right there with you on French knots--ugh! But the tiny beads will accent Summer Lineup perfectly.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  9. My word, so much beautiful stitching in one post! I love, love, love that red frame. What a beautiful finish, Lynn!

  10. A nice finish of the ornament. And I'm sure you will prefer sewing on little beads instead of making these knots.
    A great new start on your Halloween piece. But I know what you mean with stitching get-togethers - you do not stitch all the time, lol.
    Follow Me looks so great in this frame whose colour just matches the colour of the cherries and the house so perfectly.
    Congratulations on being the lucky winner of a new LHN chart. You can bet that I would have responded as fast as possible, too. Lol.

  11. Love that little Christmas ornie, Lynn! Sounds like you had a fun visit with the GK. I can see how that would keep you from stitching. LOL

  12. Congratulations on your win, that is a gorgeous chart. Your framed piece looks wonderful, great choice of frame. I love the pics of you and your Grandchildren. I had to LOL at the photo of Clarisse, she looks so relieved. She is just like Puddles, aren't Ragdolls the best.

  13. Congratulations on winning the Family Sampler chart. I love your framed piece, it looks beautiful. Nice stitching.