Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Easter finish - a little late!

So Easter may have come and gone but I finally got around to finishing my LHN He Is Risen.
I stitched up a storm on the weekend with this being the result. I ended up backstitching the wings so they'd stand out more. I also went back to the original phrasing with the small he in the second part of the phrase. After all, a girl is allowed to change her mind isn't she!!
I just got my order today from Volarium with my new charts from Tra La La and Tournicoton. I love them all and want to get one or two kitted up as soon as possible. I'll post pics later.
I can't post any other stitchy pictures and updates because my DH has gone to help his mother move and he's taken the camera with him. I'll have to wait until after the weekend to post more. By then I should have lots of stitching pictures since I'm having a SAL at my place on Saturday.
I'm expecting anywhere from 7 - 11 ladies to join me for a day of fun. Can't wait!

The weather here is extremely hot and humid and is expected to remain so for the next couple of days. I'd planned to go to the Cornwall Liftoff, the hot air balloon festival with my DS but if it's still this hot by Thursday I'm staying put in airconditioned comfort. I just can't handle that humidity anymore, I find it's difficult to breathe at times. It's too bad because following the liftoff of the balloons there is a concert by Our Lady Peace. You know you're getting old when your son tells you that you probably won't want to go to the concert because they don't start performing until 9:30 or 10:00pm and after all I have to get up at 5 for work in the morning! It's that working the next day that screws everything up doesn't it?

I think my hanging baskets in my garden this year could be considered patriotic if I was living in the US. They're a lovely mix of red, white and blue with bacopa, million bells and lobelia. I'm trying to keep them looking good in all this heat.
As far as escaping the heat is concerned, I'm very excited because as things have turned out, we are able to return to Muskoka again this summer! When we decided to go to Victoria, BC we figured that we couldn't manage both trips but things have worked out and we just booked a cottage rental this week. It's not our usual rental since that cottage is not available during the month of August. Our usual rental sits on a point of land which is surrounded by 2 bays in Lake Muskoka and the cottage we've rented this year is on the other side of the point on the North Bay. So technically it's on the other side of the road from our usual spot. The cottage is actually a boathouse which has one bedroom and an open concept living/kitchen area. When you step outside, it's onto a large deck with a lovely view of the lake. We'll head there on the return trip from my mother's birthday celebration. We can hardly wait!!
Have a good week everyone and keep cool!!


  1. Congratulations on your finish!! Woohoo!! Look at it as early for next year, not late for this year. ;)

    Good news on the vacation rental! I hope you'll share plenty of pics. I would love to see more of Canada.

  2. Cute finish! Congrats! Gotta love getting some new stash. :)

    That's great about your trip and cottage rental! I'm sure you'll have a blast. :)

  3. Congratulations on the finish! Actually I just finished the same one and just posted a pic. I really enjoyed stitching it.

    Sounds like a fun weekend coming up with all the stitching going on!

  4. I love your finish, so beautiful. And I was excited to read that you are going to be able to head on vacation again this year - isn't it wonderful when things work as they should? I'm still up in the air about Saturday but trying my best to get there.

  5. I LOVE THIS LHN - sorry I didn't mean to yell - I just got so excited ;)

    I can't wait to do mine !!!!!

  6. Beautiful finish, Lynn and very early for next Easter!

    Gorgeous basket! I love Lobelia but it doesn't do well here with our heat and droughty summers!

  7. Love your Easter piece, Lynn, and so organized to be done early for next year! Your basket is beautiful too. Don't you just love bacopa and lobelia?

  8. Love your finish, congrats!

    I"m so sick of this heat/humidity too, don't they know this is Canada and not Florida! LOL. I do love Air conditioning though so it's not a problem.

    The cottage you go to sounds lovely. We love to go camping near Orillia on Lake Couchiching, it's my favorite spot!

  9. Congratulations on a great finish! I say nice and early for the next Easter.

  10. Congrats on the finish, even if Easter has passed, late is better than never! lol

    I completely understand about dealing with the humidity. I dread the 20 minutes between when I leave my air conditioned house and get to work! lol How bad is that?