Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Lost is Found

After weeks of searching for my Trilogy Secret Snowdrift it finally surfaced last week. And was I looking for it at the time? No! Of course not! I was busy looking for the camera charger which disappeared several days before that. I found SS stored in tissue paper beneath a mound of papers on the mess that is known as our TV entertainment centre. This resides in our bedroom and became a catch-all clean haven during our renovations. However so many things ended up being deposited there to keep them dust free that we weren't sure if the entertainment centre was still there beneath everything!
Alas, the camera charger is still missing (last seen when DH used it). Bob keeps assuring me that it will turn up but in the meantime my camera has gone dead and can't be used. This means that if we didn't find it soon I wouldn't have a camera to take with me on my upcoming trip to Florida. So while he was waiting for it to turn up, I ordered another charger online which arrived this week. The night before it arrived in the mail, he finally admitted defeat and asked for the camera info so that he might purchase another battery charger. I told him I'd already ordered one and charged it to his card, lol!
So now all is well, both stitching and camera back in use. The pic of Snowdrift shows you just how far away I was from a happy dance when this little project disappeared.
The past 2 weeks I've gotten a fair amount of stitching done. At my Tuesday night SAL a week ago, I put in my needle on a new start, LHN Home of a Needleworker. I'm stitching it on 28ct Queen Anne's Lace jobelan. It's really enjoyable and is progressing at a good pace. When it's completed, I'm having it framed and hung in my entrance so that all who enter know exactly what I LOVE to do! Speaking of LHN, has anyone seen the new Easter piece by Diane Williams, He Is Risen, in this month's issue of Just Cross Stitch? I'm planning to kit it up this weekend. I'm sure it won't be finished for the season this year but I'll have it hung and in place next year for sure. It's not that it would take all that long to complete but life continues to be busy in this neck of the woods.

As I mentioned, I'm planning a trip to Florida again to visit with my Mom and Stepdad. Once more, my sister will be joining me, this time with her husband as well. I'm gone 10 days this time, arriving home just before the Easter weekend. DH is too busy preparing his choirs for spring concerts to join us. Once I've arrived home I return to work for only 2 days and then my surgery is scheduled followed by a recuperation of 6 weeks at home. I'm already checking my calendar for a date in late April or early May for a SAL at my place. I should be feeling much better by then and will probably be going stir crazy.

Next up on my list of stitching accomplishments this week is my LHN montly ornament called He's A Flake. The pattern on this one called for the snowman's scarf to be stitched in the same colour floss as the planter. I wasn't happy with the colour and preferred something a little brighter for the snowman so I've stitched his scarf in a lovely Christmas red, WDW Liberty.
I also replaced the gold coloured floss used in the tree garland with alternating red and gold beads. And here is a pic of how things look so far.

This coming Tuesday when I join the ladies for stitching I'm going to concentrate on Nantucket again. It's not likely to see much progress on in while I'm away. It's more bulky to pack and I prefer to take smaller projects with me on the trip. I have to save more room in the suitcase for future purchases! Does anyone know of a needlework shop in the Fort Myers area that I can pay a visit to?

I just glanced over the dining room table to find Clarisse finally using her new bed. She doesn't like our choice of hardwood floors (much too cold for her) and is missing the carpet. Consequently we've come home on numerous occasions to find her comfortably sleeping on our living room loveseat or sofa. We don't really want her up there since she leaves behind the equivalent of another cat in fur. In order to discourage her, I found a lovely pet bed on special at our local grocery store. It looked so soft and comfy and was a steal at less than $10. Of course, said bed has been sitting untouched now for weeks. She checked it out on the first night and hasn't been near it since until now. Looks like she's discovered it's comfort value!

It's an absoultely gorgeous day here today and now I'm off to run some errands. Can't stay cooped up indoors on a day like this! My tulips are even starting to poke up their heads in the front garden, can you believe it!


  1. I just love Secret Snowdrift ~ so cute!

    Your WIPs look great too. Lots of progress on your HoaN and that silly flake!

    Cats are just persnickity aren't they? I think they do it to torment us, lol!

  2. So there is your missing Snowdrift.
    How clever of you to order the charger before Bob thought of it - love it.
    You take care of yourself and I hope your recovery is short and sweet.

  3. Secret Snowdrift is such a cutie. How will you finish it? You have some very lovely projects on the go.
    Enjoy your trip to Florida.

  4. Snowdrift surfaces! Glad you found it! Enjoy your time in FL, Fort Myers is lovely, spent many summer breaks there visiting my grandparents while I was a teenager. Hope you surgery goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery.

  5. Lots of lovely projects. Hope you have a lovely time in Florida and that your surgery goes well on your return.

  6. I am glad that you found Secret Snowdrift. I think that your camera charger cord has taken off somewhere with my camera USB cord. I may just have to take matters into my own hands and order a replacement like you have done!! Clarisse looks very comfortable in her new bed.

  7. Glad that you found your stitching. I have lots of items that have mysteriously gone missing during our renovations. I plan to clean every nook and cranny of every room when it's all done. I wonder what I will find then??? Enjoy your trip.

  8. You sound just like me, I am always losing my stitching and the ladies in my group are always asking me so what did you lose this week. I am getting a reputation!!!
    I love your snowmen, so cute.
    Hope you have a good trip. My tulips are not popping up and I am further south than you, maybe soon it was pretty warm today.

  9. I love your little finish!!!! Clarisse looks so happy!

    Safe travels I hope you enjoy Florida.

    Let me know when you're ready for a visit when you're off!

  10. I'm glad that you found your Snowdrift! I have a terrible habit of putting things in safe places and then can't find them.

    Our new camera charger also went missing... I ordered the replacement & have yet to find the old one! :P

    Your WIPs look great. I love that Home of a Needleworker.

    On the BBD book that you mentioned on my blog (thanks, btw!), I say it's definitely worth it. I don't stitch (m)any smalls but am going to try to do some. The two samplers are wonderful, and I like the step by step directions given for some new to me finishes. I think you definitely get your money's worth with their books.

    Have a great weekend!