Saturday, 16 January 2010

First Finish of 2010

LHN Fa La La is my first finish of 2010. I frogged out all the white lettering last night and replaced it with the red and I'm much happier. This morning I finished off the beading and then proceeded to look for fabric for the finishing. I think this one will do quite nicely. Now I'm off to work on frogging out the stars in Blessings and replacing them. Hope everyone is able to have a stitchy weekend!


Blu said...

That red stands out much better than the white did. Very cute finish!

Lana said...

I,too, and thinking the read lettering looks better! Great finish!!! Looks like you are well on your way to a stitchy year!!

Angela said...

Great finish and I agree the red looks so much better. I have this one in my stash to stitch up too, will have to remember this :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats Lynn, it looks great and I love the backing fabric you've chosen!

Brigitte said...

Yes, you are right, it looks much nicer with the red letters. And the backing fabric is very beautiful for it.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful finish, Lynn! I LOVE the fabric you have paired with it!

stitcherw said...

Great finish, the red lettering really pops, nice change. Hope you're feeling better by now. Saw where you were going to be working on finishing up Ink Circles Owls, that is a fun one. Where did you get the pattern, I can't find it listed.

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, great finish! I love the backing fabric you have chosen.

Ingrid said...

Great finish ,congratulations and about the red letters are right ;-) !

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn,

It's been sooooo long since I last
left a comment on your blog and
there's always so much to talk
about when I'm here so this may be
one heck of a long message.

I read that one of your sons was
in Georgetown over Christmas to
check out the Christmas lights.
There are actually several homes
in town that decorate like crazy.
One is near the hospital and the
other is one block over from us.
That guy has an amazing display
which includes Santa and his
sleigh and all reindeer, a
Christmas train, candy canes,
and all kinds of gift wrapped
packages. The display actually
covers three yards. Next year
I must remember to take pictures.

Your kitchen renovations turned
out fantastic!!! The kitchen is
beautiful. I'm especially envious
of your wonderful long island/
counter space on the one side and
of your storage space. You can
never have too much storage space.
The whole room looks so bright and
cheerful and welcoming.

I viewed your new flooring in
the living room with interest
because we're planning to do
our living room/dining room
floors soon too. The carpet
that is currently in those
rooms was here when we moved
into this house 18 years ago
and it's wayyyyy past time that
it was replaced. I really like
the color of the floor that you

Sounds like you had a busy, busy
Christmas and New Years because
of the renovations and the visits
of your sons and granddaughters
being spread out throughout the
week. You must be in need of a
nice relaxing vacation after all
that uproar. The lights of Upper
Canada Village look beautiful in
your pictures. I'd love to see
it for myself someday.

Fa La La looks great and I agree
with your decision to frog out
the white thread and stitch the
title in the red thread instead.
I'm always running into problems
when choosing fabric to stitch a
project with and then finding
that the lightest colored threads
disappear when stitched on it. So
then I usually back stitch the
invisible words or item to make
it stand out more. Drives me crazy!
Love the fabric that you've chosen
to finish this off with too. Very

Hope you and your DH are over the
worst of your colds and are on the
road to recovery. It's frustrating
to be home and not able to stitch
because you're feeling too crappy.

I actually managed to find all my
regular knickknacks after packing
away Christmas for this year but
one year not long ago I didn't
find one item until August!!!

Enough for now. Great to get
back in touch with you and catch
up on all your news.


Kathy A. said...

Congratulations girl on your first happy dance of the year!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Cheryl said...

It's lovely! Congrats on your finish! My Fa La La just arrived in the mail today so i am even more behind!