Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Restful Week (even if it doesn't seem that way!)

I don't know what it was about the past week's holiday but I'm actually feeling more relaxed than after my week in Muskoka. Maybe it was the glorious weather which was lacking for most of the summer. Or maybe it was the good company and time spent stitching which contributed to my relaxation. In any case it was a great week!

It started off on Tuesday with some R&R at home and then some great fun stitching with the weekly SAL in Ottawa. That's where I started my next BAP.... By The Bay's Nantucket Summer Sampler. I'm trying to hold onto summer in any way, shape or form! I love stitching on Donna's works. They really appeal to me.

Wednesday I started tackling the job of packing up the contents of my kitchen cupboards in anticipation of our forthcoming renovations ( that's after sleeping in an extra 3 hrs than when I'm working!). Isn't it amazing how much energy one has when sleep is part of the equation? I made great headway and rewarded myself by spending the afternoon stitching on the back deck. I put aside NSS in favour of my Cricket Collection Halloween freebie which is coming along nicely.

Thursday the weather was still holding which called for a boat ride. My DH auctions off a boat ride during a silent auction fundraiser at our church each year. Last year's winners were unable to join us each time the weather cooperated so finally we were able to fulfill our commitment this week. Our friends joined us on the Ottawa River for a rear view of the Parliament buildings and the PM's residence. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We took our time, snapping tons of photos along the way. I've posted a few here including:

1.The Parliament buildings (that's the library building in the foreground and the Peace tower in the background)

2. The Prime Minister's residence

3. The National Art Gallery alongside the double spires of Notre Dame Cathedral

4. The Supreme Court

Friday morning I headed off to Cornwall to pick up my son Dan and then we were off to visit my son Jeff and my granddaughters in Quebec. I hadn't seen them since Christmas! Usually Jeff tries to get to our place during the summer but his vacation didn't coincide with ours this year. Whenever I tried to choose a weekend visit, either he or I was working. Finally things worked out for us. He works an extended work week Mon.-Thurs. so that every Friday they finish at noon. The girls were anxiously awaiting our arrival, their noses pushed on the screen windows watching for "Amma Inn". That's how I'm known to the youngest. Grandma Lynn was anxious to see them too. We spent the afternoon reading books, watching a Disney movie and making towers of blocks. Dan spent the afternoon catching up with his brother although he's also Oceanne's choice of playmate as you can see from these pics.

The girls speak only French but understand most English. I can understand French so we get along pretty well however I was having a really hard time deciphering what the youngest, Summer, was saying. Turns out I'm not the only one. Jeff says she speaks a mix of French and jibberish with a sprinkling of English words thrown in. She's pretty soft spoken so you have to listen closely to get anything. After listening to her repeat the same sentence several times and not getting anything I turned to Jeff for translation. Basically she wanted me to pick her up and hug her although she wasn't quite using the proper words. I felt so bad because I'd just been answering yes to her when she was quite adamant! From that point on she spent a good portion of the afternoon on my lap. The day was over far too quickly but we made a webcam date for next week.

Saturday I did something that I haven't done in ages. I baked! Must be that fall feeling in the air. The end result was a batch of date squares and an applesauce loaf cake. I kept a very small amount for us and the rest I took into church with us today for the coffee hour following the service.

After church we paid a visit to the Parkdale Market in Ottawa which is one of our favourite haunts on a Sunday afternoon. I love seeing all the fresh produce on display along with all the flowers. The fall season being on our doorstep, todays' choice were mums of every colour. I wanted to take them all home with me but settled on just one in a hanging basket. Besides, as Bob reminded me, I already have a couple others at home gracing our front porch. Our remaining purchases were some tasty tomatoes ( there are samples available), little red potatoes, crisp MacIntosh apples and sweet coloured peppers as seen in the photo below. Even if I don't buy anything, I love the sights and sounds at the market.

Our day ended with Bob barbequing steaks for dinner with a friend. Now our company has headed home and I'm preparing to stitch for an hour or so before bed. (Maybe not, I've just finished this post and it's now almost 11:00pm!) Then's it's back to reality at 5:00 tomorrow morning. Ugh! Well it was heaven while it lasted! Hope we all have a great week and that stitching is very much a part of it.

(Our view heading home from Quebec)


  1. What great photos Lynn. The granddaughters sure are growing quickly. I'll bet they were excited by a visit from Grandma. And that was a restful week - seems rather full to me.

  2. Oh, your Lynn, your grand-daughters are sweet :)
    And your WIPs are going lovely! :)
    I can't wait to see your Cricket one all finished up, it looks so cute!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Glad you had a good time. Your WIP's are coming along great, can't wait see Cricket all finished.

  4. I loved watching all your pictures. I hope you will be able to visit with your granddaughters soon again.