Friday, 3 October 2008

Welcome to my Witches Garden

Yup, her garden is now complete! I booked Monday off work since my DH was having some day surgery and while he was in the OR, I stitched. By the time we left the hospital I only had the stars and moon to finish off. That didn't take long to finish off on Tuesday night while I watched Dancing with the Stars.
I've really enjoyed working on this one. I can never seem to get a good pic of the fabric anymore though. By the time I'm home from work now and have finished supper it's already dark and I'm relying on the camera's flash rather than natural light.

I changed some of the floss colours since the original pattern was done on a much darker fabric. I like the way her robe turned out but I think I would have been better off using a darker floss for the sunflower's leaves. Oh well, live and learn. This one should be off to the framer's next week. On to the next project!

I wanted something small to cart to work with me so I've chosen JBW French Country Pumpkin. It's all done in one colour so it should move along fairly quickly.

I'm moving along slowly but surely on my Peace Tree. I can only work on this at home since I need my lamp and magnifying glass for it. The eyes sure aren't what they used to be!
I've managed to put in a few stitches on my October ornament but nothing worth showing yet. Last night on my way to choir practice I stopped in at my LNS to see if they had received the new JCS 2008 ornie issue. Yes, but they didn't receive their full order, at least not enough to cover all those of us who had reserved one. They assured me though that they should have all of them in within a few days. They weren't putting them on the shelves until the order was complete. So I was surprised when I returned home from work this evening to find a message for me that my issue was ready for pickup. I'm working the weekend so I'll just have to contain my excitement until Tuesday when I'm off next and can get back into town.
My DH is off on a solo trip to our home town of Windsor this weekend so I'm free to spend all my free time stitching. Too bad I'm working although if I hadn't been I would have joined him for the trip. It's not very often he takes time off so close to Thanksgiving with all the choir practices that involves but his one of his university music professors and friend is celebrating 40 yrs as organist at his home church with a banquet in his honour. This particular professor taught my DH how to play the pipe organ and has kept in touch with him. I'm sure Bob won't miss my presence at all, catching up with many long time friends and organists. I'll make the next trip home in November when we celebrate his mother's 90th birthday.
My renewed interest in reading is still with me so I'm off now to get started on a new book called The Shack. It was recommended to my by a friend. Although it's fiction, the reviews state that it will change the way you think about God. Piqued my interest... I'll let you know if it's worth picking up. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How pretty your witches garden is! :o)
    And the Peace Tree is going to be a stunner too!
    I'm interested in the Shack please do tell us what you think! HUGS!

  2. Your witch piece looks so cute and charming. I think the sunflower on it looks just fine.

  3. I love your stitching - but especially the witch's garden!

  4. That's a cute piece. Congratulations on the finish. Love the buttons hanging from her arms.

  5. The witch is so beautiful and such a lovely finish, well done!

  6. Congratulations on a great finish, Witches Garden looks fab.

  7. I hope your Hubby is feeling OK! And that he enjoys his trip to Windsor.
    Your Witch is so cute. I love the Halloween charts! Peace is beautiful.
    Take care!

  8. Hi Lynn,

    Your finish of Witches Garden turned
    out really nicely. It's such a
    sweet design. I find that Waxing
    Moon Designs are really good at
    creating designs that are a nice
    balance of whimsy and charm. And
    they make good use of those little
    buttons without letting them over
    power the design.

    I attempted to start a Waxing
    Moon Design myself this week.
    It's their Halloween Short Stack
    (I think). But it's suppose to be stitched with three threads of floss, and I haven't done that
    sort of stitching for years. I've done a couple of lines of stitching so far and am not at
    all pleased with how it looks.
    So I'll be pulling it out and starting again. SIGH!!

    Did your DH enjoy himself at the
    at the gathering in Windsor for
    his Prof's 40 year celebration.
    Must have been a wonderful
    opportunity to catch up with old
    friends. Too bad you had to miss
    the trip and work.

    Hope you have some time off this
    weekend to enjoy the gorgeous
    weather that we're suppose to be
    getting, as well as to partake in
    the Thanksgiving celebrations.


  9. Congrats on the finish, Witches Garden turned out very cute. Your tree is looking lovely too. Enjoy stitching your new start pumpkin, I also have this one in my stash. With it all being one color it should make for a nice small project. Have fun with the ornament issuewhen you pick it up, I loved looking through my copy and drooling over all the lovely designs.

  10. Lynn congrats on your finish, its lovely