Friday, 23 May 2008

CdC revisited

Finally, after a long absence, I was able to spend some quality stitching time with CdC. I've really missed working on this one! When we headed off to our family wedding last weekend I made sure that it was the only piece of stitching I took with me. That way I wouldn't be tempted to work on anything else. We were headed for the town of Fergus, ON where the wedding was to take place. However we made a little detour on the way and first visited the city of Waterloo where my DH wanted to purchase some music. I knew that he would be spending a fair amount of time browsing the selection so I took my stitching in with me. They have a lovely bench just inside the door by a window and that is where I spent my time waiting and stitching. Over the course of the weekend I managed to put in about 8-10 hrs of time on Cirque in between travelling and the wedding. I'm pleased with the progress I've made and now I'm giving it a rest in order to pick up Weather Wise once more. The picture isn't the greatest but I took it at night and I find it doesn't show the true colours all that well.

We had such a fun time at the wedding, reconnecting with all my cousins and their families as well as my one and only Aunt and Uncle. It was my first visit to Fergus and it's a lovely town with lots of beautiful old homes and quaint shops. On the Sunday following the wedding we paid a visit to the neighbouring town of Elora to attend a church service and found that it was equally quaint. We definitely hope to pay a return visit to the area and spend more time checking things out. Following a family brunch on Sunday we said our goodbyes and headed off to Toronto where we paid a visit to some of Bob's cousins. Then it was off to Cobourg for an overnight visit with a friend. The Victoria Day holiday on Monday we returned home. I would have loved to get started preparing some of my gardens but the weather did not cooperate. This weekend promises to be much better with lots of sunshine and the temperatures climbing.

During my absence my lilacs opened and it seems I have a lot more blooms than last year. I've been trying to find a white lilac bush at the local nurseries to add to my garden but haven't had any luck. I love the white ones as much as the others and find that they are more fragrant. I spotted some at an abandoned farmhouse on my way home from work yesterday so I made sure I had some shears with me today so that I could cut some and bring home.

Following the holiday I found an envelope waiting for me at the post office. Inside were some cute Barbara Ana charts. I stumbled across this designer quite by accident. I think it was when I was checking out some of the pieces submitted on the Freebie gallery. I loved her designs! They are whimsical and very bright with the use of lots of colour. The gallery led me to her site where there are quite a few freebies available for download and from there I also found which vendors were carrying her patterns. You can view them at Barbara Ana Designs.
So of course, being as obsessed as I am, I immediately ordered three!....Don't Bug Me, Hand Over the Coffee and Warm Winter Wishes. I plan on taking one of these with me to the cottage this summer for some fun stitching. There are several more I'd like to add to my collection but I can't be too greedy, at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Time for me to scoot now. I've got plenty to keep me busy in the garden today. I'm hoping to finish off most of my backyard planters as well. With any luck I won't be too tired afterwards and can spend some time this evening on Weather Wise. Have a great weekend!


  1. CdC looks great. I haven't seen anyone update on their CdC is a llooonnnngggg time. Great to see your's again ;)

  2. Your CdC is looking really good and it looks like you certainly made a lot of progress since the last post. Great designs you purchased!

  3. Beautiful progress! And those lilacs!!!! Oh I envy you your lilacs. :) Give them a healthy sniff for me.

  4. Great progress on CdC. Beautiful lilacs too.

  5. Lots of proress on Cdc.
    Love the Barbara ana designs, where did you order them in Canada

  6. Your CdC is looking great! Really must bring mine out again.
    Sounds like a lovely time away. Beautiful wedding picture. Ive been to Fergus!

  7. CdC looks wonderful. You mention taking it with you and working while he was browsing. Are you working this in hand? Or, is it on a smaller hoop or something that makes it more easily portable? What fun new stash you got too. I don't have those patterns (yet) but I did get some of the others she came out with recently, they are all so fun, and the colors are great.

    Beautiful wedding photo, glad that you had such a good time, and it looks like the weather was nice as well.

  8. CdC is looking great Lynn. Sounds like you have been busy lately, with the wedding and the visiting Jamaicans, 49 guests, wow.

  9. Beautiful - your CdC. nice to see it again. That is quite the new stash. Boy, your pile must be growing.

  10. CdC looks wonderful !!! I'm glad you had a great weekend.

  11. Oh Lynn CdC is wonderful .
    I have to agree with you on the lilacs ,we have more this year then ever before.
    We have a lot of trees and the air smells wonderful.
    Looks like a wonderful wedding . I'm glad you had a good time.
    Take care.

  12. Great work on CDC! And I absolutely adore lilacs -we are down to only one bush but I was thinking of putting in a couple more.

    I have never been to Fergus, but we used to camp at the Elora Gorge and always loved visiting the beautiful town.

    I haven't seen Barbara Ana designs before...I must resist the urge to look closer....