Saturday, 23 February 2008

A cube finish


I was sorting through my digital pics on the computer last night and found a picture of one of my finishes that I had neglected to share with you. This is the Trilogy Baby Spots which I finished for the daughter of one of my co-workers. I had posted a pic of the finished stitching but not of the cube which is how I'd finished it. Now keep in mind that this is my first time at attempting anything like this on my own. I followed an online tutorial and it turned out pretty good except for one minor detail. When I wrapped the final strip of fabric around the cube I should have started at the bottom to hide the overlap. It wasn't until I'd already glued it in place that I realized my mistake. However the bow covers most of it and my co-worker was absolutely thrilled with it when she saw it. I wanted to deliver it to Mom and baby in person but they live out of town so I sent it off with the baby's Grandma instead.

I had a really difficult time finding something the right size since this was a little larger than the usual cube. Then, when I was cleaning up the storeroom at work, we discovered a bunch of styrofoam containers which were no longer being used. Guess who claimed them?!

I should have a Happy Dance later tonight. I've only got a few stitches left in WWW. I'd hoped to have it finished by now but this week has been crazy. I worked an overtime shift today and tomorrow we are hosting one of my hubby's choirs here for a potluck. I'm off Monday and Tuesday so with any luck I can do some catching up on Cirque des Cercles which has been sadly neglected lately.

I've got my fabric now for the piece I'm doing for my cousin's wedding. Just have to get all my floss. I'd like to get started at this one asap. Her wedding invitation arrived on Friday and I have until May to get this one finished. I have to give myself time to get it framed before the wedding date.
I just took another look at the floss requirements for this one and realized that the two colours called for in this pattern are ones I've just finished using for WWW. They're the two colours used in the snowman's coat. However in the accompanying picture of the pattern of The Wedding they look nothing like the actual floss colour. The darker colour which is used for the shading in the coat is pretty much the same but the lighter colour they show sure doesn't look like the colour used in that coat. I realize we're talking about variegated threads here but they sure don't look anything alike to me. Take a look at my last post at the colour of the snowman's coat and then follow the link of The Wedding to see what I'm talking about. Is it just me?
I might just pick some DMC floss which is similar and go with that. I don't think the variegation is really needed in this one anyways.

I'll leave you with some pictures I took of the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night. I wanted to see how my camera would perform. I wanted to take some pictures of the first stages of the eclipse but I soon realized I needed the tripod in order to minimize blur. Bob was out at a rehearsal and I didn't have a clue where the tripod was so I had to wait until he returned home just before the full eclipse before I could start shooting some photos.
They don't look too bad but I'm sure if I've have them developed we'll see that they're not all that clear. I wanted to take more but it was getting late and it was absolutely freezing outside. Geez, you'd think they could have picked a warmer night than this one!
My son Dan has a telescope at his place and said it was pretty awesome seeing it that way.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'll check in later this week with a picture of Warm Winter Wishes.


  1. I hadn't thought of finishing a baby piece into a cube, but what a GREAT idea!! It will look wonderful in a baby's room ;)

  2. That cube is adorable! The pictures of the eclipse turned out great. We were able to see some of it but it was a cloudy night so it got covered over.

  3. Beautiful cube finish. Great pictures of the eclipse too.

  4. You did a lovely job with the cube. The only problem with putting the seam at the bottom is it wouldn't sit flat on the surface you leave it on! Just hide it with lots of ribbon!

  5. The cube finished up so cute, it will be an adorable addition to the baby's room. I've seen so many of this type of finishing lately, but haven't tried one myself yet. Great shots of the eclipse too.

    As to the colors of the floss, they sure don't look the same to me either. However, it is so hard to tell sometimes from pictures, so many times the real color just doesn't get picked up well. I'd go with whatever looks best to you and just use the suggested colors as a guideline.

  6. The cubit is soooo cute. What a nice idea for a babies room .
    I think the photos of the eclipse are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Your cube is so cute.I have been wanting to try it myself.

    Your pictures of the eclipse are awesome.

  8. I love your cube! Like you, I have some I'd like to finish this way but can't seem to find a 'cube' to do it with. I found some at Michaels, but they don't seem thick enough but to put 2 together is to thick, ugh! I'll just have to keep looking I suppose. I also wanted to take pictures of the lunar eclipse but I don't have a tripod and after taking a few and seeing how blurry they were, I gave up. Fortunately it wasn't to cold here, about +1 amazingly, so I did keep going out to see it. Can't wait to see your finish on WWW!