Friday, 28 December 2007

The case of the missing gifts

The parliament buildings, Ottawa, ON

I hope you've all had a happy, peaceful Christmas. Christmas this year was pretty quiet around here. My DH and I both worked and so we decided to have our big holiday meal at New Year instead. Bob was finished playing his Christmas services around noon and I returned home around 4. Both boys had slept in. My youngest was pretty tired out since he works in retail when not in school and we all know how busy that was the past few days! We opened our gifts upon my arrival. The boys faired quite well with an ipod for one and a digital camera for the other. They both got books and music as well as towels and sheets for their respective living quarters. Bob and I didn't get a lot for each other but my favourite gift was a coffee mug which had been personalized with a picture Bob had taken of me crosstitching on the dock at the cottage. Now every time I have a coffee I'll think of our great times in Muskoka!

He also got me a lovely pair of lavender mittens to match my winter jacket. Although I almost didn't get them! It's becoming an annual event each year as to which gift Bob will misplace. One year he had me pick out a watch for myself , brought it home and then lost it. It was never found. We think he threw it out in the trash since he had never removed it from the bag and had done a major cleanup of our room just before Christmas!
The following year it was Chris' gift. I'd placed an order online for a gift for Chris in November and it never arrived. At least that's what I thought! When Christmas arrived Bob asked me what about that gift hidden in the crawl space? It wasn't wrapped. When I investigated, it was the online order I'd placed earlier. Who put it there I asked. He did. When did it arrive? He didn't remember!
This year it was my mitts. I found him searching his office on Christmas Eve. When I asked what he was looking for he told me he'd misplaced one of my gifts. He didn't find them until late Christmas night when he went looking for some music in one of his files. He didn't find the music but he did find my gift! Then on Boxing Day he went down to the crawl space for some wine and came back up with another gift for me, a CD. Look what I found he declared!
Bob has an incredible memory for dates, phone numbers, occasions, etc ( really he does!) but when it comes to misplacing things he's awful. As far as the Christmas gifts are concerned I think that it's just because he's so busy at this time of the year with all his music events and his mind is on other things. At least we all get a good chuckle out of it! In the future he's going to keep a file on his computer with the location of his purchases.

My Mom sent me money for my gift which I used to purchase another Jim Shore piece. These are folk art carvings and sculpture which I have received as gifts in the past and just fell in love with! I've always been a big fan of folk art. The particular piece I bought this year was part of a new series based on the Rudolph TV special. I've posted a picture to show you. This was always the favourite Christmas show at our house even when I was a child.

I'm sorry to say that I haven't been able to put in a single stitch the past week! I'm really missing it but I know I'm not going to be able to get to any stitching done until I'm finished with work this Sunday. Even then I have my oldest son and daughters arriving to celebrate the holiday. What are the chances with the little ones around? I'm off work from Dec. 31st until Jan. 7th. Hopefully I can get back to things once my family returns to their home near the end of that week. I did manage to pay a visit to SB&B before their Christmas sale ended and purchase a couple of new charts courtesy of my MIL.
I'm headed off to bed early now. Five o'clock comes much too quickly and we're expecting more snow tonight.


  1. You make me smile...loved this post!
    RUDOLPH is my absolute favorite and this year JCPenney had Rudolph and Clarice stuffed animals...that sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer...My friend bought both of them for me for Christmas and Miss Ellie promptly took them over as "hers"...they are so cute! I love Jim Shore things too...I don't own any, but I drool over them a lot!

  2. How funny about all the missing gifts!!
    Have fun with your family over the next few days :)

  3. All those missing gifts and I thought my husband was the only one who misplaced things, lol.

    Have a great new year and I hope it bring many more stitching opportunities.

  4. Often I will forget about gifts I bought earlier in the year and not find them until after Christmas in a fit of New Year's cleaning, lol!

  5. Beautiful picture of the lit up parliament building, and the Rudolph carving is adorable. Glad that you had a good time at Christmas and that all the presents were found.

  6. Your photo of the Parliament buildings makes me miss home!!!
    Your post kept me laughing from beginning to end Thank you.
    It has been a real pleasure getting to know you these past few months.
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year and look forward to continuing our friendship in 2008.

    It's been a pleasure getting to know you. All the best in 2008.
    Enjoy the snow!!!

  8. That's funny about Bob! Happy New Year to you all :)

  9. Hi Lynn,

    I enjoyed reading about the disappearing Christmas gifts since it seems like that sort of thing happens around here now and again too. I blame it on over zealous elves. It's hard having to hide the unwrapped gifts from DH, and then hide the wrapped ones from the cats who love to steal the bows.

    I do love your newest Jim Shore piece, being a big Rudolph fan myself. Whenever I hear Burl Ives singing Holly Jolly Christmas I am immediately in the holiday spirit.

    It's frustrating to have holidays, and no time to stitch. I've hardly touched a needle in the past week, although that's mostly because I was feeling too rotten to risk making a mistake or something.

    I expect that you've been enjoying the abundance of white stuff that we've been getting off and on in the past few weeks. With the traveling that you do between Ottawa and home it must be a concern.

    Warmest best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.


  10. Great story about the missing gifts! Except in my family it seems to be me that is starting to misplace them.

    I love the Jim Shore figures, although no one took my hints that I would like one for Christmas. I think I better start hinting earlier in the year.

    Happy New Year, Lynn!

  11. That's a funny story about the misplaced gifts! I'm glad you all had a good time!
    Happy New Year!