Monday, 19 November 2007

Some fantastic news!

Most of you do not know that when my youngest granddaughter Summer was born last year it was found that she had several holes in her heart. They told us that a couple of them were quite small and would close over on their own but one hole was fairly large and it was felt that she would probably need surgery to repair it. She has been on heart medication since birth and has been monitored closely by doctors in Montreal at the children's hospital. My son Jeff just called to report that following this week's checkup in Montreal the hole has healed on its own and she will no longer require surgery. The doctors were a little suprised themselves since they really thought that surgery would be required for this one. We are all thrilled!! Although this is really quite common in newborns ( more than I realized!), it is still worriesome and you hate to see a young child go through a surgical procedure such as this. She does have a slight case of asthma at this time but could outgrow it at some point. They no longer have to make the frequent visits into Montreal and can be followed now by their own local doctors. We can now take her name off of the prayer list and thank God for our many blessings. What a lovely first birthday present!! She will be a year on the 27th.
Since that phone call I have been too excited to sit still and stitch! I was rather restless anyways tonight and can't seem to stay on any one task for any length of time. Perhaps I'm overtired. We were out last night in Ottawa for a performance of Handel's Messiah and only returned home at midnight. Then it was up at 5 for work! When I booked the tickets originally I wasn't supposed to be working today. Then they changed our schedule on us. I wasn't about to give up the tickets though. We were in the first row with the soloists right in front of us and this was a special treat for my middle son Dan. He is gaining an appreciation for classical and choral music thanks to my DH's influence. He had expressed an interest in seeing a performance of this at some time and was very excited to hear that our friend Stephen was going to be conducting it this fall. I got just as much pleasure out of watching his reaction as I did listening to the music. It was a great evening.

I'm just about finished working on Baby Spots. I decided to restitch the stork in white and have just finished frogging out the original stitching. It won't take long to restitch it and all that is left after that is to attach the diaper pin charm and do the finishing. I'd love to finish it as a cube if possible. Does anyone know of a tutorial out there for this?

I'm finally caught up with the others in my Snowbird's SAL. I'll be able to stitch alongside them on week 4 this Wednesday. This is the night that most of the group is doing their stitching on. Most of the time I will be stitching on Tuesday nights since it's better for me however I have to attend a wake this Tuesday night. One of my coworker's mother died this weekend.

I've posted a pic of my progress up until now on this CdC SAL. I apologize for the lousy colours in the photo. I just didn't have good light when I took it and was too tired to have another go at it. It's so much fun watching everyone's progress on this one as well as the progress of those stitching Pardigm Lost. They are two lovely pieces and a real delight to stitch!
Well I'm off to bed now. Things are catching up with me now and I'm making far too many errors as I type this!


  1. It's fantastic news about your granddaughter, she is definitely blessed.

    Your CDC is looking really good. What colour thread are you using?

  2. Many congratulations and well wishes for your DGD...what a lovely thing to find out! God works wonders :) and they never cease!

  3. That is such good news about Summer. A huge relief for all concerned. I hope she has a lovely first birthday on the 27th.

    C de C is looking lovely. Great choice of threads for this one.

  4. What great news for the family! And such a relief for all too.

    It sounds like you had a late night but I'm sure the music was well worth staying up for. I hope you get caught up with your zz's!

  5. What wonderful wonderful news about your granddaughter. Congratulations !!!

    Your CDC looks great!!

  6. What wonderful news! Your CDC is looking great!

  7. YEA! I'm so happy to hear Summer has healed on her own, truly a blessing. Your CdC is looking lovely and the threads are really showing their colours now!

  8. Here is a link to a tutorial on making a cube....or even better, go visit DANI!

  9. What a wonderful answer to prayers! Rejoicing with you over the good news of Summer's healing. :D