Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Catching up

After several days of visiting with Mom and family, everyone has returned home and I'm now able to catch up on some of my stitching. I spent most of Monday working on the Easter Fairy which is coming along fairly well. I'm working on her wings right now though and I have been cursing the Kreinik thread at times. This fabric I'm working with is a bit stiff and consequently the thread seems to catch at times making it more likely to fray. My Britty Kitty is only missing the charm which I will sew on this evening.

I've already started my next piece which is JBW Design's French Country Cat. I've chosen to do it in blue rather than the red. Also I have a freebie by Papillon called Love Letters all set to go. The only problem is that because I'm doing it on a light fabric I hate to take it to work with me. It's not always the cleanest place to stitch on my breaks! Perhaps I'll work on it at home when I tire of the Fairy. We are heading out on vacation to a cottage in a little more than 2 weeks so I'm checking my stash to see what I can bring with me. It's easier to work on smaller pieces there because I don't have my Daylight floor lamp with me. I'm asking Santa for a portable Ott lite this year! Speaking of stash I see that SB&B have a sale going on again. I think I'll just take a peek at what's new!


  1. Your fairy looks great! I love this Mirabilia and hope to stitch it one day!!

  2. She is coming along beautifully !! Have a great time on vacation !

  3. Lynn your fairy is looking fantastic!