WIPocalypse 2018

So once again the time has come for me to list the designs I hope to either complete or start in 2018. It seems I left several new starts in limbo last year so they should head up the list. 

1. Plum Street Samplers Pomegranate Santa - in progress
2. Blackbird Designs Summer Stars Pincushion - completed
3. Threadwork Primitives Quaker Friends - completed
4. The Primitive Needle Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon - in progress
5. With Thy Needle and Thread Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll - completed
6. Heartstring Samplery Sing We Then Merrily - completed

Now to add some possible new starts. Note: Some of these made the list last year too!

7. LaDDa Bless Our Home
8. Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler
9. Blackbird Designs Where My Heart Blooms
10. Threadwork Primitives Leaping Stag
11. Blackbird Designs Margaret Harris - 1877
12. Blackbird Designs Evergreen - completed
13. Rosewood Manor Summer Quaker
14. With Thy Needle and Thread Miss Snow Fairy
15. Primitive Acorns Wild Mistletoe - completed
16. Country Rustic Primitives Merry Winter - completed
17. Pheasant Street Samplers My Sewing Tools - completed
18. La D Da Awake My Soul - completed
19. SubRosa Designs Happy Birthday - completed
20. SubRosa Designs Bee Heart - completed
21. Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet - completed
22. Summer House Sticheworks Fragments in Time - completed
23. Pheasant Street Samplers My Sewing Tools - completed
24. Heartstring Samplery All The Pretty Flowers - completed
25. Threadwork Primitives Live Simply - completed
26. Cathy Livingston Hamster - completed
27. Alisa Little Hedgehog - completed
28. Summer House Stitche Workes Fragments in Time 2017 #1 - completed
29. Summer House Stitche Workes Fragments in Time 2017 #2 - completed
30. Country Rustic Primitives Autumn Greetings - completed
31. Early Workings Vintage Jack - completed
32. Blackbird Designs Peace (JCS 2012 ornies) - completed
33. Tweet Gift (JCS ornies 2010) - completed
34. Helga Mandl Name Tree Jeff - completed
35. Helga Mandl Name Tree Daniel - completed
36. Helga Mandl Santa Tree - completed
37. Helga Mandl Snow Tree - completed
38. Helga Mandl Rejoice Tree - completed
39. Threadwork Primitives A Bee's Gathering - completed

I also hope to complete some ornaments throughout the year. I have several patterns by Little House Needleworks, Prairie Schooler and E SubRosa Designs. It would be nice to complete a few of these to add to my ornaments and pillows.

Hopefully my list isn't too difficult to complete. I know I'll be distracted by new designs as they are released but I really would like to stick with what I have listed or at least limit most of my new starts to patterns that I already have in my stash. I'll post pics of all this year's finishes on a separate page.


  1. What a list of lovely projects for 2018!!! Hope you enjoy every stitch and savour the journey. Wishing you all the best for 2018!! Lianne